We are proud to show you the responses we received from our clients; a small selection


“What a beautiful wedding we have had. Our wedding day was one to be remembered with our family and friends, but the evening completed this for us. We have solely received super positive responses, thank you so much!”

Den Bosch, Rick and Lianne

“Thank you very much for this amazing party, we could not have done it without you… Our business party got the exact required amount of ambiance and party. Great we could tell you what we needed in terms of music genres and volume. This way we could enjoy background music during the network drinks and step into our dancing shoes during the night!”

Mr. A. Malens

“What a grand act, what an energy! We could see that the ladies have adapted to playing together extremely well. We will be seeing each other a lot more often!”

Mandy C.

“ Thank you for this great performance. We hired four beautiful artists from DutchDanceDivas and they were amazing, what an energy. This luxury event would not have been the same without them. We had seen them at the private party in Ibiza and we were convinced“ See you next year !!

Miami, CT International