DDD Grand


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DDD Grand


DDD Grand is a combination of 4 ladies. A combination can be made out of a Female DJ with a Saxophonist, Violinist, Pianist, Percussionist and/or Vocalist, bringing great music with a Female Flow. These four ladies exactly know how to seduce an audience with their groovy and sexy tunes, but they for sure know how to get people moving on the dancefloor as well! It is all about the feminine touch in music, a whole different experience than many are used to!

What to expect
These stylish ladies offer an original and a sensational performance. Experience and sublime cooperation make this show suitable for festivals, clubs and business events. DDD Ultimate often is being expanded with female dancers as a finishing touch.

Of course, if desired, we can provide full technical support.
(DJ Booth, light, sound, stage, etc.)

Of course we can provide a full evening program with the chosen combination. Some of the possibilities:
✓ DJ and Vocalist (during dinner or upon arrival)
✓ Lounge DJ and Violinist (during dinner)
✓ DJ, Saxophonist, Violinist and Vocalist

Music Genre
✓ Dance, House
✓ House
✓ Lounge
✓ Club
✓ Commercial and Allround

Music Specialty
A mix of sexy (House)music with a hint of Disco and a touch of Soul. The ladies take you on a musical journey where old and new meet.

Top 3 specialties
Business Event, Fair, (Jazz)Festival

National and international corporate events, festivals and clubs. Fairs, fashion shows, staff parties, anniversaries, introductions, after dinner shows, weddings and sports events.

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