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DDD Host Karen


Karen grew up in Hengelo. At the age of thirteen she played in tv and online commercials, she was a dancer in clubs and at festivals, a fashion model, radio sidekick and she presented both private parties and corporate events.

What to Expect
Karen is an enthusiastic, intelligent personality who loves to entertaint people. She is interested in people and what moves them, a lady with intelligence ánd a good dose of humor. Thanks to her experience in business marketing  she, as no other, knows understanding the target group is all-defining when it comes to getting your message across and creating a certain desired ambience. Presenting is what makes her heart beat faster and that’s why she is available for parties and corporate events. Think about presenting the annual reports, business events but also corporate ‘Corona Proof’ webinars.

Furthermore Karen has lived in Los Angeles, USA and therefore speaks fluent English. This maks her very suitable for English spoken, and international events. Her goal is to offer the client and the audience an unforgettable event.

Top 5 Specialties
Corporate events such as congresses, fairs and kick-off meetings. Private parties such as weddings and jubilee.

Maximum attention for your event?
It is know amongst event planners that space for relaxation and entertainment is highly important for a successful event. DutchDanceDivas offers complete acts that that stimulate full attention for your event. For further information on our DDD acts, click here.

Our experienced and spontaneous host Karen is the ideal lady for your event, presentation, fair and any other thinkable situation that might require a host. She has got a lot of experience in CEO interviews, but can just as easily function as the ‘glue’ between all programmed acts. Of course high quality can only be guaranteed with the a proper intake with the client.  A fresh, remarkable personality with a lot of tv experience.

Inform about all possibilities by phone/email or book an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.

Additional Options
Together with colleague host Esther, Karen is part of the Host Duo; this means two times the impact! For more information click here.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Koninklijke Verkade, Bijenkorf, Radio Veronica, Fietsenwinkel.nl, Lidl, Chio, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Microsoft, DPG Media, Libelle, Margriet Magazine, VakantieXperts and the adventurous Walibi Flevoland.