Flora Duchesse

Flora Duchesse


DJ Flora Duchesse in the past years has evolved into an often booked DJ with a visibly unique style in music. Six years ago she started spinning records at various horeca venues and at smaller events. These past few years she has specialised in playing at private and business events. Besides this she plays her loungy, tropical and Deep House beats at international beach clubs and events such as fashion shows.

What to Expect
You will rarely spot DJ Flora Duchesse at big festivals or in clubs; a choice she has made two years ago because of her preference for building a ‘storyline’ during several hours in an evening. Her music contains many sax beats combined with old vocals, remixed or not. Her music style is broad which attracts a young as well as an old audience. This causes her to often perform at luxurious company events or private parties.

Music Genre
✓ Lounge
✓ Deep House
✓ Tropical House
✓ Disco House
✓ Easy Listening
✓ Commercial
✓ Dance Classics
✓ Nederlandstalig (Dutch)
✓ Allround

Top 3 Specialties
Business events, Weddings, Fairs

Additional Options
DJ Flora Duchesse often combines her skills with those of live musicians and vocalists. This way she can add more purport and originality to her performance.

DJ Flora Duchesse uses a rider. In this document you will find everything needed to make the performance a success.

National and international corporate events, festivals and clubs. Fairs, fashion shows, staff parties, anniversaries, introductions, after dinner shows, weddings and sports events.