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For Ro the saxophone was a lovestory at first sight. Ro wants to travel and recently had the chance to tour Curaçap. She literally went on a discovering journey with her saxophone. With her instrument she tells a story, it’s a true ‘soul instrument’. George Benson is het big idol: ‘The wau he is connected to his guitar, that’s the connection I want to have with my saxophone’. Ro amongat others played wit Ali B, Sabrina Starke, I Am Aishia and JEON.

What to Expect

An energetic and beautiful allrounder. With her big smile she wins everbody over. On top of that she plays with a huge dose of soul straight frrt.om the heart!

Music Genre
✓ Jazz
✓ Soul
✓ Funk
✓ Dance
✓ Lounge
✓ Commercial and Allround

Top 3 Specialties
Business Event, Club(night) and After Dinner shows

Additional Options
Ro can perform simultaneously in combination with other DJs and musicians. This way she can add more purport and originality to her performance.

Ro uses a rider. In this document you will find everything needed to make the performance a success.

National and international corporate events, festivals and clubs. Fairs, fashion shows, staff parties, anniversaries, introductions, after dinner shows, weddings and sports events.