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is hong kong a city state

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Although the traders were expelled after military clashes in the 1520s,[53] Portuguese-Chinese trade relations were re-established by 1549. [131] The government has been repeatedly petitioned to introduce direct elections for these positions. [277], Western classical music has historically had a strong presence in Hong Kong, and remains a large part of local musical education. The courts are still governed under laws from the United Kingdom. What do you think of the answers? [307], Three free-to-air television broadcasters operate in the territory; TVB, HKTVE, and Hong Kong Open TV air three analogue and eight digital channels. [214] The territory's minimal taxation, common law system, and civil service attract overseas corporations wishing to establish a presence in Asia. Portugal acquired a permanent lease for Macau in 1557. The number of films produced annually has declined to about 60 in 2017. [87] In June 2019, mass protests erupted in response to a proposed extradition amendment bill permitting extradition of fugitives to mainland China. [111] Interpretative and amending power over the Basic Law and jurisdiction over acts of state lie with the central authority, making regional courts ultimately subordinate to the mainland's socialist civil law system. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? [164] Single-family detached homes are extremely rare and generally only found in outlying areas. Can It Learn to Grow? By the end of the century, the territory’s population had ballooned to more than 300,000 people. Even in the city, you will find many places to hike. However, both countries were dissatisfied and did not ratify the agreement. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? The public-housing estate programme, Independent Commission Against Corruption, and Mass Transit Railway were all established during the post-war decades to provide safer housing, integrity in the civil service, and more-reliable transportation. 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The region is bordered by Guangdong province to the north and the South China Sea to the east, south, and west. [157] When there is snowfall, which is extremely rare, it is usually at high elevations. [56] Although European demand for Chinese commodities like tea, silk, and porcelain was high, Chinese interest in European manufactured goods was insignificant, so that Chinese goods could only be bought with precious metals. Dishes include congee, cha siu bao, siu yuk, egg tarts, and mango pudding. [218], Tourism is a major part of the economy, accounting for five per cent of GDP. [198], Hong Kong is the tenth-largest trading entity in exports and imports (2017), trading more goods in value than its gross domestic product. Hong Kong became the Hong Kong The predominant language is Cantonese, a variety of Chinese originating in Guangdong. [270] When Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon was released in 1972, local productions became popular outside Hong Kong. [201] The territory's largest export markets are mainland China and the United States. The name translates as "fragrant harbour" or "incense harbour". [37] Sir John Davis (the second colonial governor) offered an alternative origin; Davis said that the name derived from "Hoong-keang" ("red torrent"), reflecting the colour of soil over which a waterfall on the island flowed. Secondary schools emphasise "bi-literacy and tri-lingualism", which has encouraged the proliferation of spoken Mandarin language education. [233] The Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge provides a direct route to the western side of the Pearl River estuary. There is a Chief Executive, who, according to the Basic Law, was to have been elected directly by Hong Kong’s voters, but this provision has not been implemented. The University of Hong Kong was founded as the city's first institute of higher education during the early colonial period in 1911. Thi. [159] The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in all of Hong Kong are 39.0 °C (102 °F) at Wetland Park on 22 August 2017,[160] and −6.0 °C (21.2 °F) at Tai Mo Shan on 24 January 2016. Prices for Hong Kong's famous Peak Tram to increase for second time in less than two years", "Let Hongkongers serve in China's People's Liberation Army, says top military official", "A case for inclusion: Carrie Lam pledges to tout list of 16 ethnic minority Hongkongers for government advisory positions", "Once the World's Greatest Port, Hong Kong Sinks in Global Ranking", "As Hong Kong goes to the polls, why isn't the Communist Party on the ballot? [169] However, many examples of European and Lingnan architecture are still found throughout the territory. Private schools subsidised under the Direct Subsidy Scheme and international schools fall outside of this system and may elect to use differing curricula and teach using other languages. [152][153] About 40 per cent of the remaining land area are country parks and nature reserves. [246] Renewable sources account for a negligible amount of energy generated for the territory. [210] A similar economic partnership with Macau details the liberalisation of trade between the special administrative regions. [6][180] About half the population have some form of British nationality, a legacy of colonial rule; 3.4 million residents have British National (Overseas) status, and 260,000 British citizens live in the territory.

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