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Made for IE Forum's Episode III theme month - May 2005. http://www.youtube.com/user/Knightmessenger, 49,359 members have started 21,294 topics with 1,067,614 posts since March 10, 2003. ", Jack recovers the sword and chops Meg's head off. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and to analyze traffic. ", Medium shot of Jack walking away from camera next to a turning wheel, Screwball : "There's only one thing I want to know. ), The shot of the unicorn horn getting cut off, Gump and Jack attacked by the wild beasts, Jack and Lili running off in the woods together. ", Blix : "Goblins are inclined to be outspoken and I like to encourage their initiative. (Jack has trouble getting his sword out.). Legend - Lost 125 min Director's cut (Released) Author ZakDrizzt Date 11-Dec-2006, 8:26 AM Author ZakDrizzt Time 11-Dec-2006 8:26 AM Post link. The scene of Blix and the goblins intoxicated with the power of the alicorn is split into two segments in the European version separated by the scene with Jack and Oona in the cave. ", Brown Tom : "Do you know what I think? Been scouring this forum, and found it quite amazing that no one has mentioned a Legend Director’s cut. ", Darkness : "Are you not the most loathsome of my goblins. What's more interesting is that in storyboards for the movie, the character of Blunder - the 'goblin' who is really a disguised elf - is referred to as 'Tic,' which suggests either that at some point the writers reversed the roles of Tic and Blunder, or they just decided briefly not to include the Blunder character. Please help. When he encounters the water hag named Meg Mucklesbones in the American cut, he has no problem quickly dispatching her with a sword. Oh, it's so precious. Lili is presented as a Princess and her relationship with Jack confined to a kiss that Jack is afraid to return in fear of having Lili break his heart. Ridley Scott's first cut ran 150 minutes and had a music score by composer Jerry Goldsmith; after an unsuccessful test, the film was re-edited twice and shortened to 113 minutes and finally to 94-minutes. A different song gives Jack the clue he needs to answer Gump's riddle and save himself from a dance of death when he first meets the fairies. We also see the cutting of the alicorn in this version. originaltrilogy.com is not affiliated with Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, or Disney. ", Lili : "Nell, But you know I love coming here. I will marry whoever finds this ring. ", Lili : "Oh, it pleases me more than anything. The Director's Cut does not begin with a prologue as is found in the American Cut. One last shot of Darkness laughing can be seen in the American version. Ridley Scott's preferred 113-minute "director's cut" was finally released to the U.S. on DVD in 2002 with the following additions/extensions: Darkness' introduction is a bit longer (while still retaining his voiceover-only from the UK release; Lily sings the full version of "My True Love's Eyes"; The clock-freezing vision from the U.S. version; Jack crouches and a bird lands on shoulder and then flies away. and James Horner's Humanoids From The Deep (q.v.). After Lili enters Darkness' hall, the American version cuts to a scene not in the European version of an attack on Gump and Jack by what the script refers to as Pygmies.

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