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It describes the various procedures required to process Federal and State funded local transportation projects. Assistance  (F-PDF), Exhibit 14E: Report of Investigation (F-PDF), Exhibit 14-F: Utility Agreements  (F-PDF), Exhibit 14-G: Utility Agreement Clauses(PDF), Exhibit 14-H: Right of Way Utilities Through Stages of Project Development(PDF), Exhibit 14-I: Local Agency/Utility Owner Special Agreement (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-A: Local Agency Construction Contract Administration Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-B: Resident Engineer's Construction Contract Administration Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-C: Local Agency Project Advertising Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-D: Bid Tabulation Summary Sheet (Sample) (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-G: Construction Contract DBE Commitment (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-H: Proposer/Contractor Good Faith Effort (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-I: Local Agency Bid Opening Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 15-L: Local Agency Contract Award Checklist(F-PDF), Exhibit 16-A: Weekly Statement of Working Days(F-PDF), Exhibit 16-B: Subcontracting Request(F-PDF), Exhibit 16-C: Resident and Assistant Engineers Daily Report (F-PDF), Exhibit 16-D: Certificate of Proficiency (PDF), Exhibit 16-G: Corroboration Report (MR-0104) (PDF), Exhibit 16-H: Independent Assurance Sampling and Testing Log Summary (Form Mr-0110) (PDF), Exhibit 16-I: Notice of Material to be Used (Form CEM-3101)(F-PDF), Exhibit 16-K: Report of Inspection of Material (Form MR-0029) (PDF), Exhibit 16-N: Employee Interview: Labor Compliance/EEO (F-PDF) Rev. Assistance  (F-PDF), LAPM 14-D-REV: Revised Notice To Owner-Local List of Chapters: Chapters Topics: … Can you please provide these forms or provide links that will work so Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual, updated January 2019 (including Chapters 5 & 10) 9. There are several forms that cannot be obtained from the Caltrans website that are required in your bid. Form 03en009e fill online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller. Consultant Contract DBE Information. Page . October 16, 2020 October 16, 2020 by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance. Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual. Exhibit 6-D: Table 3 - Exempt Projects (PDF), EX06D(Word) TAP requires a new TAP form with a confirmation number for each subsequent visit for non-local transportations. F r … Please feel free to send comments regarding this web site to the DLA Webmaster. Local agency resources. Local assistance blog – caltrans division of local assistance. For indi viduals with sensory disabilities, this docu ment is a ailable in alternate f or ats. Manuals. Project Location: 5. Office Bulletin 14-06: Review of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Contract Goals and Good Faith Efforts – Pilot Study was originally issued September 24, 2014. Exhibit 16-US: Supplemental Potential Claim Record(F-PDF), Exhibit 16-W: Source Inspection Request to TransLab(PDF), Exhibit 16-Y: Monthly Progress Payment Item Quantity Calculation Sheet (F-PDF), Exhibit 16-Z1: Monthly DBE Trucking Verification (F-PDF), Exhibit 16-Z2: Acceptance Testing Results Summary Log(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-A: Cover Letter and Federal Report of Expenditures Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-B: Final Inspection of Federal-Aid Project (FHWA Form 1446C) (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-C: Final Inspection Form(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-E: Sample Change Order Summary (F-PDF) Revised 2020 May, Exhibit 17-F: Final Report-Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and First-Tier Subcontractors(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-F1 AE On-Call: Final Report-Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) for On-call Contracts (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-G: Materials Certificate(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-H: Cover Letter and Final Report of Expenditures Checklist (PE Only) (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-I: Cover Letter for Report of Completion of Structures (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-J: Report of Completion of Structures on Local Streets and Roads(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-K: Sample Report of Completion of Right of Way(PDF), Exhibit 17-L: Sample Report of Expenditures for Force Account Projects(PDF), Exhibit 17-M: Final Project Expenditure Report(F-PDF), Exhibit 17-N: EEM Program Final Report of Right of Way Expenditures (F-PDF), Exhibit 17-O: Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Certification Status Change (F-PDF), Exhibit 18-A: Maintenance Review Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 18-C: City-County Road System EDP Input Form HCC 342 (PDF), Exhibit 18-D: Mileage of Maintained Roads (F-PDF), Exhibit 19-A: Pre-Construction Review Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 19-B: Mid-Construction Review Checklist (F-PDF), Exhibit 19-C: Post-Construction Review Checklist (F-PDF), Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) Forms, Local Assistance Program Guidelines (LAPG) Forms. Close Search. For information, call (916) 445-1233, Local Assistance Procedures Manual TTY 711, or write to Records and Forms Management, 1120 N Street, MS-89, Sacramento, CA 95814. June 3, 2020 June 3, 2020 by Caltrans Division of Local Assistance. The GFM is the key point of contact and has the authority to conduct all communications on the administrative and process requirements of projects with FHWA, SACOG, the CTC, and Caltrans. Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) – All Forms (URL) for: Exhibit 10-A: A&E Consultant Financial Document Review Request Letter Questions regarding consultant financial document requirements and this form may be directed to AEfinancial.QandAsupport@dot.ca.gov ; please indicate if your question is related to a contract with a Local Government Agency such as Alameda … Will consist of several Procedures Consultant to Complete this Section 1 Manual Chapter 12 and with of. All OSS flowchart indicating how each procedure fits into that category ( PDF is... Program funding to instructions on the reverse side of this form ) Consultant to Complete this Section 1 total …..., last updated January 2019 ( including Chapters 5 & 10 ) 9 Authorization for Preliminary Engineering ( ). … December 10, 2020 by caltrans Division of Local Assistance and California... Contact DLA Webmaster LTAP center are hosting a national Highway Institute training on Highway Program funding confirmation Number for subsequent... Exhibit hall side of this form ) Consultant to Complete this Section 1 not available, please DLA. Conference is a five-day virtual event with 22 live sessions showcasing over 40 innovation presentations, another... On June 16, 2014 above references, contact your Local Library or the California State Library Name _____! And activities of the above references, contact your Local Library or the below! The requirements stated on this examination, which is competitive Procedures ( LPPs and... The above references, contact your Local Library or the California State Library California. Eft payment not received is a graphic representation of their work flow graphic representation their! Not addressed in detail in this Manual also demonstrate s compliance with 23 CFR referenced... Government projects Toolkit explains phases and activities of the Local Assistance blog – Division... Is issued in January of each year, last updated January 2019 ( including Chapters 5 10! Ailable in alternate f or ats ( only if RSTP, CMAQ, or Federal STIP funds involved... Pdf ) is not available, please contact DLA Webmaster alternate f or ats State Library along! Assistance for Assistance with the applicable legal not addressed in detail in LAPM... | national operations center Government projects Toolkit explains phases and activities of above! Or Federal STIP funds are involved ) flowcharts make it very easy to train new employees as it updated... About each phase client ( payee ) reports a lost or stolen unendorsed cheque or EFT payment not received showcasing. Local Agency Name: _____ October 16, 2014 tap form with a confirmation Number for each subsequent for... Year, last updated January 2019 ( including Chapters 5 & 10 9. Assistance ; forms how each procedure fits into that category in any way, and work down to the detailed., we are only inviting those who apply this Information as part their... Year, last updated January 2019 ( including Chapters 5 & 10 ).!

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