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redbubble clothing reviews

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Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. I’ve used Redbubble multiple times, the items I’ve bought including tshirts, skirts and hoodies have been just as described and the postage is pretty much as predicted on check out. incredible difference in print quality, although they're both bad. Anyone know how to get a response to an online question out of this company? I also had a terrible experience, links to my account says 'you've found a glitch' but I can no longer log into my account....when I try it says my account is suspended. Don’t forget to hire me for custom graphic design work. Had some light grey fine print at the bottom of an offer (not obvious to read) stating you must order $60 or more to get a free facemask. As a test run, I bought one of my Vladimir Putin shirts. It arrived in less than a week without choosing priority post.

No phone number available. Quality of the print just sucks wil not be able to put the poster on the wall. I’d recommend Redbubble for interesting, unique t-shirt designs. So i tried to contact them only to get garbage automated replies or none at all.Been week or more since i first contacted with no help.I would steer clear. Very.

:-). They also have a tiny clothes pin with a cloth thank you note attached to the shirt. The overall rating of the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Never...” I ordered 2 Originals Tall mugs, was very happy with the product very well designed / made.. could not fault it, would def buy again. But how good are Redbubble shirts? It seems they will let anyone upload a design now, without checking the quality. I contacted customer service via live chat and they offered to send a new t shirt. Then in even lighter grey they say the facemask is not to prevent germs or anything, it's just flimsy and for show. 31 unique and original mandala designs provide a month of daily coloring fun. Overall, Redbubble shirts aren’t amazing, but they definitely aren’t garbage. You could do better at home. They believe they can tell you: Great Awakening etc. I ordered postcards on 8 sept 2020 with expected delivery by 5 Oct.

I ordered a T-shirt of my own design because I wanted one. Terrible experience claimed i broke copyright with no explanation how, on top of that closed my account. I certainly have not infringed on any copyright so I emailed them twice only to get automated replies or none at all. Normally the notification would include the item tracking number. I had an item that was sent wrong once and they apologised and sent me out the right tshirt within the week. Fantastic service, product was amazing, I only ordered last week and it arrived today.

I ordered an expedited shipping for a large order from Redbubble. Im sick to death of the radical left wing. It is so bad i would not even hang it up in a dark shed. Get in touch by clicking here. This was also fine. Stay Away from Redbubble!

Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. Didn’t receive goods, no way to follow up, money lost and child’s birthday present nonexistent. Read on for my Redbubble review. Have not had any trouble with products but when a delivery was not delivered I could not even get in contact with them. Website was fine however didn’t record my unit number so t shirt sent back to RB. I don't usually write reviews, but disappointment brought me here.

Redbubble was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 06, 2019 and since then this brand received 292 reviews.

Now half of them are a photo image which takes barely any creativity, or it’s a repetitive pattern... so disappointing because I used to love this website but it’s too much of a mission to find something worth investing in now that I got bored and gave up. Anyway, this week I went to place another order and found that RedBubble have gone full on Communist. So no redbubble for me and every one i know. Top customer service, amazing quality items, fast delivery, what else can you wish for. I’ve used Redbubble multiple times, the items I’ve bought including tshirts, skirts and hoodies have been just as described and the postage is pretty much as predicted on check out. Highly recommend, If you are looking for unique products, this is your shop.I could easily find what I was looking for, ordering was easy and the customer support was there when needed and super friendly too, so that's a big plus.The quality of the items I've bought (blanket and cushion) is great and I'd gladly buy from Redbubble again.So, 5 Stars from me. I feel as though Redbubble have turned money hungry. Great communication also,quality of the dress was better than I imagined will definitely order from them again.

FREE ART CONTEST! If all the reviews on my art are fake, I assume everything else on there is too. Emailed them- never heard back. Get my coloring book! Easy to navigate and be very specific with designs and color. Postage is ridiculous and a ripoff. Hi KatherineIf you received notification that your parcel had been delivered you need to take this up with the Post Office. I have had no emails or explanation at all. If you are looking for unique products, this is your shop. Unlike previous orders, no tracking number or shipping company was provided and so I could not track down where the product had actually gone, if it had been dispatched at all!

Then they simply never brought my package to UPS. On Friday I noticed that my box of items was supposedly delivered the day before but I had been home all day, there was no knock on the door and the dog certainly didn’t alert me to a delivery as she always would! Received my order today of 3 cushion covers Colour on two cushions different than shown plus quality very poor requested an exchange and was told it was not possible. Then charged an additional 5.76 to my Visa, on top of the agreed order price. Goodbye RedBubble and good riddance, you can play God with someone else’s money. The two problems I have (and others do too) is that 1) the t-shirt quality is extremely low. I remember when designs were so impressive... but I’ve just researched for an hour and the designs are all completely average.They used to be so creative, making me adore the local artists. “ I have ordered quite a few items from Redbubble (stickers, T-shirts, masks) and have been entirely happy with everything I ordered. (No warning bubble saying that you must spend 60$) so you think the coupon code went in! Matt Lawrence is the world’s greatest illustrator and humor columnist, as well as mankind’s last hope for salvation. Unique Review clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone.

I'd wager they are nigh on useless as protection. They believe they can tell you:What you can eat,What you can say,What you can laugh at,What you can wear etc.etc.Last year I spent around $1000.00 with this company, which I would have thought was a reasonable amount of money for the average person. No notification of this or anything. Thousands of artists have uploaded their wares, making unique clothing, stickers, phone cases and other items a simple click away. I paid $98 for delivery. Similar opinion? Stay away. The quality is ok but the size is 100% useless as its 2 inches too small. Such a shame.

When one day went by and UPS had no updates for me I panicked and tried contacting Redbubble. Redbubble shirts are made from a slightly thinner/softer material than your average t shirt (I consider Gildan shirts the typical shirt measuring stick). I purchased the typical “unisex t-shirt”. Required fields are marked *. Don't do it, trust me.

They fit roughly the same as you would expect. It is now Tuesday, goodness knows where my goods could be by now! I feel as though Redbubble have turned money hungry. How do l get my money back and plus the delivery charge they defaulted on? 1,897 reviews for Redbubble, 3.6 stars: “First order never got here second order did. Redbubble ranks 35 of 188 in Printing category. I had an item that was … My order was for an event and it needed to be delivered on a specific date. etc. Im sick to death of the radical left wing. For whatever reason, they have made a decision to remove every piece of merchandise that relates to Q, Q Anon, The ...Read more.

I wear a small and it fits perfectly. Think I might be waving goodbye to almost $200. I'm another person with a horrible review of Redbubble. I never would have seen it if I had not checked my bank. They have no customer service phone line. The artwork is beautiful, but there’s no way the T-shirt is worth $30. The only reply to my email was one saying that they were too busy to reply to my email! I’m really sorry you didn’t get your purchase, but as Redbubble would also have been notified that it had been delivered there’s very little they could do.I have also had this happen with the PO and had no luck tracing the “phantom” delivery.I haven’t needed to contact Redbubble so I can’t comment on their communication.Good luck, Thanks Lisa, I’ll try the PO.

If they did not care for a semi-large order what makes you think they’ll treat your single T order with any respect.

I’ve been there too. Redbubble gets 3.5 out of 5 clip art stars: Click here to check out my work on Redbubble or browse thousands of other designers. Do you realize that for $550 you could’ve paid a local print shop to create a higher-quality custom four color process shirt, gotten twice the amount of shirts, picked the order up locally and avoided shipping, and still paid less? Available on Amazon.com. After several washes I didn’t notice much in the way of shrinkage, so choose whatever size you typically wear when ordering a shirt and you’ll probably be fine. It seems they will let anyone upload a design now, without checking the quality. Made in China for China not western people. That is, until I found Redbubble, the ultimate source for artist-made t-shirts. Terrible experience claimed i broke copyright with no explanation how, on top of that closed my account. Excellent packaging and delivery. My most recent order with Redbubble was less than satisfactory.

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