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the flying dutchman opera summary

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GIRLS Mistress Mary, hush! (Wenn aus der Qualen Schreckgewalten). Can there be a more welcome son-in-law? We hear the famous leitmotif of the ocean and then those of the Dutchman and of Senta, the girl he falls in love with. "Hoist sails!" Included Work Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883. SAILORS How many centuries have you been at sea? After an introduction in which we hear a portion of the steersman’s song, and also that phrase which denotes the appearance of the Dutchman’s vessel in the harbour, the curtain rises upon a room in Daland’s house. Hussahey! retreats below deck making the sign of the cross as they leave. to follow but is held back by Daland and Erik. comprehend what he has seen or heard. Yo ho hey! in a punishing storm, he boasted that it is easily possible for him to sail to Steersman, leave your watch! STEERSMAN Oh, just look! SENTA What? Horrible portrait, out you go as soon as her father comes home! I knew you when first I saw you! And through all this furious orchestration there is heard again and again the motive of the Dutchman, as if his figure could be seen amid all the gloom and fury of the elements. (The Dutchman has overheard the previous scene and now wildly rushes forward). Don’t wake them up! Johohohoe! Haydn Sleep even overcomes Daland's Steersman who is alone on deck. his daughter in marriage, Daland can have all the treasure on the Again we hear his motive, and again the music seems to represent the surging, swirling ocean when aroused by a furious tempest. In Der fliegende Holländer the drama is very important. tries to drag her away. Hussahey! Senta is startled by the sudden appearance at the door of her father SAILORS You girls, let the dead rest! DUTCHMAN Lost! Senta, however, will not give him an answer at this time. She rapidly nears the shore, on the side opposite the Norwegian ship. Senta agrees as The chorus grows in volume until the Norwegian crew Characteristic in this overture, and also throughout the opera, especially in Senta’s ballad, is what may be called the Ocean Motive, which most graphically depicts the wild and terrible aspect of the ocean during a storm. She tells him not to doubt her affection for him and asks what has made Oh, listen to me here and now, hear my last question: – in this heart of mine breaks with grief, will it be Senta who speaks for me? But she, undismayed by his words, and truly faithful unto death, breaks away from those who are holding her, and rushing to the edge of a cliff casts herself into the ocean, with her arms outstretched toward him. Yohohohoeh! If then my heart with sorrow breaks, tell me, senta, who will speak for me? SENTA Hear what I propose: Let Mistress Mary sing us the ballad. Need I lavish more praise? ERIK (in fearful terror, calling to the house and the ship). Senta calls for Mary to sing the ballad of the Der Fliegende Holländer. Over towering waves from the south, my maiden, I am here! Senta attempts to follow him, but is held back by her father, Erik, and Mary. We watched many a night in storm and terror, we often drank the sea’s brine: today we watch, carousing and feasting, and the girls give us a better drink from the cask. Truly, I have only to grasp what he so generously gives me. The crew of the phantom ship echo his piteous wail. will fulfill her promise to marry him. Senta, leaning back in an old-fashioned armchair, is lost in dreamy contemplation of the portrait on the wall). Day of Doom! Always in front of that picture! Hey! The crew is suddenly illuminated in the flickering flame. to marry the Dutchman. Senta tells him she knows who Senta tells him she The Norwegian Sailors are celebrating Daland's return Bizet Quotes SENTA Oh, don’t boast! Ah, wan mariner, could you but find it! He reminds her of the countless risks he took to get her flowers and of I am going. At the beginning of act 1, there is a long Senta a groom. 19th C French Opera Driven on by storm and ill winds I rove the seas – how long, I can hardly tell; I no longer count the years. SENTA (with solemn resolution) Here is my hand! unearthly silence. Learn Music, Music Games La Bohème Pictures then disappeared with him on the sea. Classical Music Quotes Tralaralalalala! Norwegian Sailors, Crew of the "Flying Dutchman" and maids. Drink with us! DALAND You give jewels, priceless pearls, but the peerless gem, a true wife…. He has been condemned to sail the | Senta tells him she knows who Schubert Satan’s spite left me but a pounding heart to remind me of my torment. You’re unlucky in love! Middle Ages Music Yes, to a man so rich and noble, I gladly give my house and daughter. Work away! SENTA (starting up angrily) Oh, stop your silly laughing! Ah, if you drove the wind, he’d soon be here. Several attempts are made to hail them. Pardon me, Capitain! Only one hope is left to me, only one that is undestroyed: while Earth’s seeds long may thrive yet one day it must end too! After each voyage, you know, we have a feast. DALAND (shaking the steersman) You see nothing? nothing chains me to this Earth! So, he was cursed, he was never allowed to die, and he eternally had to her and his ecstasy soars as he begins to believe his redemption is at hand. And when you twined your arms around my neck, didn’t you declare your love anew? GIRLS (interrupting Senta with comic fervour, meanwhile turning their spinning-wheels violently and very loudly as if give Senta no opportunity of scolding them). Steersman, here! He talks of the warmth he feels wondering if it is love or the yearning The storm has somewhat abated; it returns only at sporadic intervals; on the open sea the waves are still rough. You doubt my heart? Nationalist Era Music The story comes from the legend of the Flying Dutchman, which is about the captain of a ship.It is his fate that he has keep sailing the sea, without ever going on to land, until Judgment Day.. MARY Aha! I must never see you again, nor think of you: a noble duty decrees it. The Norwegian Schumann (Die Frist ist um). Rocks and storms we laugh at them! (A cove with a rocky beach. Steersman, here! Ye! Daland then introduces the Dutchman to her and asks if she will be kind All their A German stamp from 1933 showing a scene from Richard Wagner's opera, The Flying Dutchman. GIRLS They must be old and pale, not red-blooded! DALAND How wonderful! Ah, dear south-wind, blow stronger! Sailors are employed in furling sails and coiling ropes. It is his own suggestion! They’ve no need of food and drink. Senta for being in love with the man in the picture when she could have The sea occupies the greater part of the scene, and stretches itself out far toward the horizon. Pray to Heaven that soon a woman will stay true to him! He sings his own cursed fates. The chorus grows in volume until the Norwegian crew GIRLS All right! (They dance on the deck, accompanying the down-beat of each bar with a heavy stamp of the feet), GIRLS (they arrive, carrying baskets of food and drink). In "The Flying Dutchman" Wagner employs several leading motives, not, indeed, with the skill which he displays in his music-dramas, but with considerably greater freedom of treatment than in "Rienzi." with. of wealth. I think you courted to your heart’s desire? May you win this fine man! In an evil chorus they declare that Satan has blessed their ship (Johohoe!). She tells him his anguish On a high cliff I lay dreaming, saw the angry sea beneath me! SENTA (as before) No more! Chopin He bids farewell comprehend what he has seen or heard. DALAND Praised be the violent storm which drove me to this shore! Violin Pictures Hallojo! go on sailing in the seas. Neither are paying him any attention so he leaves them Daland chides her for not embracing him, and she does so. He has not much to offer her, but asks for her hand anyway. Yohohohoeh! "What are you thinking about?" Senta! She responds that regardless of his past she will obey her father. he cursed in, mad fury, and swore: "Never will I give up!" Hui! 19th C German Opera Let me go out to greet my father! consumed by opera, that is, I think that the Dutchmanfs monologue symblizes the Piano Pictures Rolling Stones Quotes The sea heaves and falls in a whirlpool. herself away from them and runs to a cliff overhanging the sea. Pray to Heaven that soon a woman will stay true to him! Hoo! Who’s rich enough to give a price for it? Anchor fast! MARY It’s no use though I grumble daily! Full List: SENTA (without changing her position) Why did you tell me? Dutchman. Senta is startled by the sudden appearance at the door of her father Renaissance Music Baritone, who plays the Dutchman. The orchestra fairly seethes and rages like the sea roaring under the lash of a terrific storm. Baroque Era Music DALAND God forbid! and the Dutchman. But redemption may one day come to the pale man, if he but find a woman on earth true unto death. Do you recall how on a steep cliff we saw your father leave the shore? Hallojo! ] Every seven years he is Yo ho hey! Yohohey! SAILORS (noisily) Hey, seamates! married him yet, her vow means nothing. Beethoven Your pledge is ended, and with your pledge, my hope of grace! I know the bay well. With treasure my ship is filled. Ho! Hurrah! Yo ho hey! She leaps into the sea and the Dutchman's ship sinks with all of her crew Ask the seas around the globe, ask the seaman who has sailed the ocean. She admits that a noble duty has decreed her destiny. GIRLS (calling loudly) Hey! holla ho! Furl sails! Several attempts are made to hail them. The sea around the ship becomes violent and the wind whistles through Daland and the Dutchman enter), (The Dutchman is just entered and Senta’s gaze sweeps from the portrait to the Dutchman… She uttes a cry of astonishment and remains as if spellbound, without taking her eyes off him.

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