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Primitive tools for a sketchy website. As you can observe, Zoey’s backend is fairly simple and straightforward that can be mastered within minutes. © 2020 Chargify® LLC. It will be exciting to watch this company continue to grow and innovate. Even if you have never built an online store before, or having no experience in coding, Zoey is very easy to master. We offer self-service ordering tools, including eCommerce capabilities, but we also offer tools for customer service, salespeople, marketing, etc. Focusing on their goals has also helped Zoey be clear about their unique position in the market: they provide an eCommerce solution for businesses who find themselves in the gap between smaller platforms and full-open source solutions. Zoey empowers B2B and wholesale businesses who sell in volume – franchisers, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, etc. Once you successfully login to the admin panel, you will find it fairly similar to any modern-day CMS out there. This interview with Josh O’Connell, Zoey’s VP of Marketing should help you determine if Zoey is the right platform for your eCommerce business needs. All plans come with support for responsive themes, advanced analytics, unlimited storage and bandwidth, custom domains, as well as Point of Sale and Amazon/eBay integrations. How Zoey Supports Your Business Every Step of the Way Our customers tell us that support is a critical aspect of who they choose for an eCommerce and order management provider, and our customers have said time and again that Zoey … Throughout the series we highlight Chargify merchants and the lessons learned as they grow their subscription-based business. Great post Armando! Zoey has Search Engine Optimization tools that you can utilize in your store such as site wide HTTPS, advanced site map, and mobile friendly design. Initially, they offered three pricing tiers. As already stated, Zoey is an eCommerce platform and an online store builder. You get details such as total number of orders, conversion rate, revenue earned, purchase funnel, etc. You have to take care of shipping, product management, taxes, customer support, and a lot more. Zoey let’s you customize pricing based on customer group and order volume so you can manage different pricing for wholesale and retail customers. Everything needed to create, design, run, market, maintain, and scale a sophisticated online store is available through Zoey’s platform. There are plenty of existing fields ready to use when uploading products like product name, sku, URL, meta information, visible product description, and more. Thanks to the toolkit, an app developer can create applications Zoey doesn’t natively offer. Also, Zoey implements site-wide HTTPS to foster a feeling of trust and security for your visitors and clients. We also offer a robust admin for those in a business who take orders in other forms – over the phone, via email, and so on. In order to be successful with their pricing options they looked beyond feature differences at top-to-bottom, what each plan was trying to accomplish. Zoey is one of the best choices in e-commerce you can make. Also, there are no setup or transaction fees involved in any plan. Their customers had to deal with a challenging Magento user interface, hosting their own eCommerce stores, and keeping them secure. But wait, aren’t we forgetting something? Lorem Ipsum Generator: Create Website Dummy Text in a Click. Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, developer, and coffee-lover. Zoey makes the process simple by allowing customers to add items to a list and then request a quote from your company. The team soon determined that because hosting was only one component of the larger issues, simply providing a hosting solution didn’t do enough to help their customers. You can run batch promotions, discounts, special coupons and gift deals. However, what if your eCommerce solution allowed you to run your blog natively? Your email address will not be published. You can also associate every product with one (or more) of your categories using a spreadsheet. The “ah-ha moment” came when the team realized the need to “transform Magento from a developer-centric platform to a merchant-centric platform,” explains Foox. If you need to add custom fields, you can do that, too. Zoey comes with detailed statistics and reports for cases such as cart abandonment. What is Zoey? Don’t be afraid to iterate and to be wrong, but be wrong quickly and move on. If you are selling physical good on your store, you can select from various shipping carriers, manage inventory and even integrate with the likes of Etsy and eBay. We also have additional quotes on our homepage, and have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with Trustpilot based on our customer reviews. What we’re trying to do is allow customers to see the ‘all-in’ price and we’re working with partners to do that bundling,” explains O’Connell. If that is the case, this post has a special solution meant for you. Zoey Ecommerce: The Bottom Line At the end of the day, the right ecommerce platform for your business will be the one that can best fulfill your specific needs—and only you can make that decision. Sitemap, 600 Stewart St, Ste 400, Seattle, WA 98101. Similarly, you can create lists and groups of your customers, or export that list as a backup. Zoey is very clearly a good fit for online stores and businesses. As an eCommerce platform, Zoey gives you absolute control over your online business. Initially, the attempt to address those customer issues resulted in a hosting company being incubated within Pixafy. It allows businesses to create beautiful, scalable stores — no coding necessary. These are all things that Google looks at to give you a higher rankings in search. We also do work with third parties like Cart 2 Cart for some other platforms. Hosting for free!” deal. We're built for growth. You can keep your customers up-to-date with the best ways to use your products using Zoey’s blogging feature. Related: Actionable eCommerce Tips for 2020. We find some of our customers have the in-house knowhow and interest in doing it themselves, while others prefer to get outside help. For starters, Zoey works just as well for physical or digital goods and you can manage everything from pricing to inventory within the platform, You can organize your merchandise however you prefer and introduce unlimited variations, such as color differences, Customers can be grouped based on pricing and order volumes. The company utilizes coupon features to ramp up promotions around the holidays; something that now takes only moments to setup but in the past involved time-consuming developer resources. Related: How To Start Your $50,000 Home Business. For more than 10 years I've been researching, testing, and sharing work from home opportunities with fellow introverts.I created The Pay At Home Parent in February of 2018 to help you be a successful home-based business owner, blogger or side hustler.As a wife, mom and frugal homemaker, I make a full-time income on a part-time work schedule and I know that you can too! Zoey offers fantastic search functionality, variable image capabilities (color, size, type, etc. Saves money due to smart operation handling, Chrome – Latest version as Chrome automatically updates, Safari – Version 9 and later – no Safari PC support. This includes what Zoey is, how it’s different from other eCommerce platforms, and who/what type of business should consider a Zoey store online. Furthermore, you also get to view analytics related to abandoned carts to help you better optimize your site. He also credits Chargify for making pricing changes easy. If you are considering starting a Zoey store online, make sure to request a walkthrough of the platform. The company recently released the beta of their “developer toolkit.” In the near future anyone will be able to build a custom app or theme for Zoey. You can also integrate it with various other platforms such as Google AdWords, Optimizely and MailChimp. request a walkthrough and live demo of the platform, How To Start An eCommerce Business From Scratch For Beginners, How To Start A Shopify Store: A Step-By-Step Tutorial (With Pictures). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Contact a Zoey representative to get your question about our B2B and wholesale eCommerce platform answered. Well, it expects no coding skills from you, and works perfectly well right from the start. For someone who is ready to move on from Shopify but not interested in coding a store on Magento, Zoey is the solution. Zoey: It’s an E-Commerce Platform, Not Your Ex. Sufyan blogs at Code Carbon; you can learn more about his work at his website. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ What Type of Technical Support and Customer Service is Provided? During my web design days, I built some eCommerce websites on Zoey, the drag and drop platform that has become so much more since its debut in 2014. Also, only the most expensive plan allows access to the hard code. The manual system wasn’t very efficient, but it worked when Zoey only had a few customers. Adobe MAX 2020 Will Be Free For Everyone to Attend, So Sign Up Now! Doing so has led to another important lesson learned: “You need to evolve and reinvent as you scale to make sure you don’t get caught up in practices that can be inefficient as you grow,” explains Foox. How does Zoey perform in reality? This being said, however, it seems that Zoey ecommerce is well-suited for B2B or wholesale businesses who can take full advantage of all the features the software has to offer. Ever faced the same problem with eCommerce platforms? The company was incubated within Pixafy, a web development agency founded by Uri Foox in 2010. The first menu is fairly simple, whereas the Orders menu lets you view new orders and manage them accordingly. I am going to run each menu one at a time, so as to give you a comprehensive picture of all that you can expect from Zoey. Their big push in 2017  is on building their ecosystem. And as a store builder, it lets you put together your online shop within minutes using a handy drag and drop interface. Zoey offers a large array of marketing tools to help you drive more traffic and sales to your store. A versatile builder with lots of features that’s also difficult to use. Excellent post best creative idea and good image quiality. For more information about Zoey or to start your free trial visit www.zoey.com. Initially, the team built their own internal billing solution. All Rights Reserved. The hosting company was the wrong direction, but the Zoey team quickly pivoted once they realized the initial direction wasn’t correct. Let’s prove it. One of the processes that the team revisited as Zoey grew was their recurring billing practices. WHOIS Tool: Find Out The Owner Of Any Domain Name in Seconds. Adding products to your store is a breeze too. Zoey is a SaaS-based solution, meaning we manage the hosting and the code. })(window,document,'script','https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js','ga'); It does its job well, and lets you focus on the actual management of your business.

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