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anonym in a sentence

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There are a number of websites that act as proxy servers which would be ideal anonymous proxy sites for MySpace users.

4. After publishing The Mock Mourners, intended to satirize and rebuke the outbreak of Jacobite joy at the king's death, he turned his attention once more to ecclesiastical subjects, and, in an evil hour for himself, wrote the anonymous Shortest Way with the Dissenters (1702), a statement in the most forcible terms of the extreme "high-flying" position, which some high churchmen were unwary enough to endorse, without any suspicion of the writer's ironical intention.

Throughout the Internet, communities, blogs, and forums continue to pop up that offer Internet visitors and opportunity to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets within the safety of anonymous posting. The earliest English works were anonymous: On the Art of Foretelling Future Events by Inspection of the Hand (1504), and A Pleasant Introduction to the Art of Chiromancie and Physiognomie (r588). 134. For this reason anonymous writings were attributed to famous names, and traditions were judged (as in Islam), not so much upon their merits, as by the chain of authorities which traced them back to their sources.

Many boards allow anonymous users to post. Anonymous gold coins, resembling Frankish trientes in type and standard (21 grains), are also fairly common, though they must have passed out of use very early, as the laws give no hint of their existence. The anonymous Ludus de Sancto Kanuto 3 (c. 1530) which in spite of its title, is written in Danish, is the earliest Danish national drama. He was also ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and a tolerance program for his use of racial remarks. Community: Members may share in group meetings, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), and build friendships. This was an answer to another anonymous pamphlet, written by Philip Yorke, afterwards Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, who replied in an enlarged edition (1728) of his original Discourse of the Judicial Authority. It is therefore prudent to regard the prophecy, with Ewald, as anonymous. Our confidant (who chose to remain anonymous) recently turned 30 and found the hair on her upper lip was darkening noticeably against her light skin; she'd been plucking stray hairs on her chin for years, but this was a new development. anonymous love-tokens, written or otherwise - on St Valentine's day was fairly general. de Sorbiere, conjoined with Le Traite de la nature humaine, by d'Holbach, in 1787, under the general title Les Ouvres philosophiques et politiques de Thomas Hobbes; a translation of the first section, " Computatio sive logica," of the De corpore, included by Destutt de Tracy with his Elemens d'ideologie (1804); a translation of Leviathan into Dutch in 1678, and another(anonymous)into German - Des Englanders Thomas Hobbes Leviathan oder der kirchliche and biirgerliche Staat (Halle, 1794, 2 vols.

Hengel concludes that the four canonical gospels were never even formally anonymous. 154 "There's always an anonymous tip," Betsy said. The iPod dancers are largely anonymous despite being so famous, due to the style of the advertisements.

An anonymous Conservative caught at the scheme in another pamphlet, proposing income as a test. The police received an anonymous tip-off last Thursday from the gun 's illicit owner.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a support group for men and women who want to stop drinking. There are soap opera fans that like to post anonymous soap opera spoilers just to see how far they will travel.

Frazer Richardson did put in a decent cross for Spring's equalizer but was otherwise totally anonymous - almost as much as Ian Moore.

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