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Roddy St. James | Doris the Ugly Stepsister | Other times, she is close friends with either Merida or Rapunzel, or just a friend of the Big Four in general.

after Astrid grabbed the black sheep from the twins. She also wears a belt decorated with silver skulls with a pouch tied to it and shoulder pads. Gorgonites (Ocula, Punch-It & Scratch-It, Insaniac, Slamfist & Troglokhan) | Despite this, Astrid may become moved by Jack's determination to protect and save the children, resulting in her respect for him growing and developing a potential friendship. Krel Tarron | Mantis | Astrid's relationship with Rapunzel is either as close friends or tentative acquaintances. Astrid's connection with Stormfly brings forth a deadly combination that features true teamwork. Although while her favorite uncle's demise certainly weighs in, Astrid's Viking warrior status is primarily based on the Hoffersons being a decorated warrior family. Valka's Bewilderbeast | Red Death (deceased)Alvin the Treacherous (formerly)SavageSlitherwingsDagur the Deranged (formerly)Boneknapper (formerly)Skrill (formerly)Whispering Death (formerly)Screaming Death (formerly)Viggo Grimborn (formerly, deceased)Mildew (formerly)Ryker Grimborn (deceased)Dragon HuntersBerserker TribeJohann (deceased)Krogan (deceased)Drago Bludvist (deceased)Drago's ArmyDrago's BewilderbeastEret (formerly)Light Fury (formerly)WarlordsDeathgrippers (deceased)Grimmel the Grisly (deceased) Her supportive nature also extends well beyond Hiccup. Dagur the Deranged | Stella |

Cinderella | Melman | She asks why Hiccup didn't kill Toothless that first chance, saying she wants to remember what he says.

However, before she could question him further, Hiccup escaped with Toothless. The Missing Link | Astrid sits astride the Deadly Nadder and drops off Hiccup so he can free Toothless from his chains while she goes to help the others fight the Red Death.

This time, Astrid manages to follow Hiccup to the cove he's been visiting after training, along with her trusty axe. But in the middle of the forest, she is snatched up and placed screaming on the pinnacle of a tree by Toothless and Hiccup where he asks for a chance to explain. Catra | Hookfang | Seeing the dragon, Astrid yells for Hiccup to run but she learns that Hiccup and Toothless are friends. Skidmark | Sleeping Beauty | She gradually becomes more comfortable with Hiccup and even rests her head on his shoulder. Ginger |

Humpty Alexander Dumpty | Her gloves possibly protect her while she is in flight. Wallace | Astrid flies off on Stormfly to catch up with Hiccup, barely managing to fly through the closing doors, seconds before they shut.

Ginormica | Astrid is fifteen in the first film, the three specials, and Dragons: Riders and Defenders of Berk, eighteen in Race to the Edge, twenty in How to Train Your Dragon 2, and twenty-one in The Hidden World.

Meatlug | Kung Fu Panda Heroes | Instead, she boosts up his confidence and stands by him as he walks through the solution at his own pace.

Sharpening up her battle skills.Axe-throwing.Dragon racing.Exploring.Mapping the world with her husband Hiccup. Barf and Belch | Rain | Astrid is likely based of another female character, Camicazi, who is from the original books. Peng | Family Astrid Hofferson | Private | Cloudjumper | Boss Baby | Astrid is Hiccup's love interest in How to Train Your Dragon, Riders and Defenders of Berk, and the first three seasons of Race to the Edge, is his girlfriend by "Blindsided" and becomes the fiancee of Hiccup. Hunter | In the following episode, "Shock and Awe", Astrid pulled a prank on the twins as payback for 'Loki’s Day', showing significant growth in her playful side. He grabs her hand and this causes Astrid to react aggressively.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III | While Astrid is not a character from the books, it is assumed by fans that she is based off of Camicazi. Mac | The Vikings swarm Toothless and Astrid has to stop Hiccup from interfering so he doesn't get hurt. Animated Features Weaver | This results in her showing a different side, an empathetic side toward the dragons and an understanding to why they are raiding Berk.

Astrid is emotionally driven, and as a warrior, sworn to protect those she holds dear. Although slightly cheeky and overconfident at times, she is more emotionally secure because of her steady relationship with Hiccup. After he flies off on Toothless, Astrid mounts Stormfly as she prepares to follow him, but Stoick stops her, instead of ordering her to lead the riders back to Berk before she can even take off. Regardless, Astrid agrees but ask him that nothing will go wrong. When Stoick announces that Hiccup survived, she is overjoyed at the news. Moses |

Later she hears that Stoick disowns Hiccup. Puss in Boots |

Both children seem to share striking similarities with each parent. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (boyfriend/husband)Toothless (close friend)Stormfly (best friend)Fishlegs IngermanSnotlout JorgensonRuffnut and Tuffnut ThorstonStoick (deceased)Gobber the BelchGrumpMeatlugHookfangBarf and BelchHeatherWindshearDagur the DerangedAlvin the TreacherousBoneknapperMildewSkrillScreaming DeathWhispering Death Viggo Grimborn (deceased)MalaAtaliValkaValka's Bewilderbeast (deceased)CloudjumperWingmaidensNight Light HatchlingsLight Fury She asks him why he did not kill Toothless, and the boy answers that he saw homeworld and couldn't bring himself to kill Toothless. Toothless appears into Hiccup's defense. Her discovery of Toothless caused her to have a conflict of character. At the next lesson, the students are facing a Hideous Zippleback in paired teams: Astrid with Ruff, Hiccup with Fishlegs and Snotlout with Tuff. Chief Tannabok | Spirit Jr. | In How to Train Your Dragon, she pushed herself to become a better fighter. She struggled deeply with guilt over it as she had never lied to him before. Spitelout Jorgenson | After Hiccup claims to have taking down a Night Fury, Astrid does not make fun of Hiccup but ignored him. Astrid could potentially see Rapunzel as a weak link and a very un-Viking female. Her sense of adventure and exploring is also apparent, but her ongoing competitiveness and rigid approach to grave situations remains. She is a Viking warrior of Clan Hofferson of the Hooligan tribe.

She then listens as Hiccup declares that he will continue his father's legacy and that they will go back to Berk, defeat Drago, and rescue Toothless and the other dragons. Voltron |

King Julien XIII | 21 yrs old Stefano | Angered with Hiccup getting in her way, she is quick to scold him by saying that they're about to inherit their parents' war and tells him to figure out what side he fights for. Astrid is petite for a Viking, but is given the advantage of agility because of this in Dragon Training. She considered stepping in but was held back by Gobber who informed her that her wee axe would be useless against a dragon. Meatlug | Astrid could still come across as a little prideful and dismissive at times as pointed out by Ruffnut, but she was also able to own up to her mistakes, yet again demonstrating a never-ending will to improve herself. Bow | Zephyr Haddock | Finally she wears dark moccasin boots that may be stitched together on the bottom of the fur pieces.

―Astrid Hofferson. Now with their own dragons, Astrid and her friends race off, now with their now dragons, Astrid has appeared in most of the episodes of the series, except for "A View to a Skrill, Part 2" and "Turn and Burn. In How to Train Your Dragon, she pushed herself to become a better fighter. Hiccup grabs Astrid's axe, casts it away and stops Toothless in mid-pounce by telling him that Astrid is a friend. The next morning, Astrid wishes Hiccup luck with the dragon but he tells her that it's not the dragon he is worried about. She's smart, striking, beautiful, and her determined and strong personality makes her hard to impress. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Astrid_Hofferson?oldid=2032286. They return to Eret to try to stop him from capturing dragons. All of her skirts are covered in spikes similar in shape to Stormfly's spines. After Hiccup recovered, Astrid punched Hiccup in the arm again for scaring her. One day, after being fed up with Hiccup gaining all the attention and fame, she gets suspicious of him and confronted him about his strange behavior. On one hand, she was raised to believe that dragons were the enemy, and as a result felt her loyalty to the tribe required that she reveal Hiccup's secret. Astrid is a brave, selfless and fierce young woman who has been trained the ways of the soldier.

Grump | Gia |

Sleuther |

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