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In the fall of 1981, three of the four children (Dmitry, Natalia, and Savin) passed away within several days of another, two from kidney failure and one from pneumonia. “When I finally met Agafia, what surprised me was that rather than feeling like a primitive situation, it felt like arriving in the future – to a world with no technology, the vast forest littered with discarded space junk. Quite the story, people living in another dimension. Nice size pad for a little old lady, too. Stands of larch, spruce, pine and birch yielded all that anyone could take.… Bilberries and raspberries were close to hand, firewood as well, and pine nuts fell right on the roof.” Yet the Lykovs lived permanently on the edge of famine. Don’t know how I will pickup the pieces. This story will be proved fake. proved irresistible for them…. What Would There Be Out Here to Hurt Me? So you want to start a discussion about religions and tolerance? She has been completely alone since he died earlier this year. I cried when I read the mother Akulina gave up her food for the family and starved to death. What a hard life they lived. […] The strange, sad story of a Russian family lost in the wilderness for forty years […], […] Incredible: a family survived in Siberia for 40 years with no outside contact and, eventually, no metal tools […], […] As recommended by David Plotz of Slate – the family who lived isolated in the wilds of Siberia for 40 years […], […]Phenomenal article on how a family lived in the woods of Russia without human contact for 40 years! We often don’t really appreciate how big Russia is–half the surface area of the moon, much of it nearly as empty. Inspiring tale. “The Lykovs were Old Believers – members of a persecuted Russian sect”…. She is a quite famous person among people here. When geologists gained their trust they were able to show them the “miracles” of modern life. What’s interesting to me about them is the complete synchronicity of all time, along with collapsing what has happened to others with what has happened to themselves. I love stories like this. A large piece of a Russian Proton rocket is wedged into the roots of a fallen tree on the banks of the river near her homestead. They scraped by for decades, it was all they knew. So both pretended they weren’t tired and spent the night telling stories, each watching the other closely. So maybe that’s what they used. This is an incredible story worth reading to the end. As a kid living in USSR that aspect didn’t impress us at all. One has to wonder how long they could have lived if they weren´t introduced to society. What can be said about this family’s story? Brutally simple, yes, but their choice. And thank you for taking the time to write this! It’s a tragedy if you think they could have become artists or astrophysicists and never known hunger if they got schooling. Things had only got worse for the Lykov family when the atheist Bolsheviks took power. On history, isolation, survival, and the cost of contact […], […] Just wow. Absolutely one of the best reads I have had in ages… love this women, her endurance, her will, her acceptance of life as it is, her dislike of modern cities, cars, media, etc… she is intelligent, she is so very strong in so many ways… though not religious myself I do respect her faith, which she had no choice but to believe in, and she is strong with that also. The ingenuity of people never ceases to amaze me. “Rational,” atheist Communism, aka Scientific Socialism, killed 200 million people in the last century, including Mr. Lykov’s brother. New York: HarperCollins, 2002; ‘From taiga to Kremlin: a hermit’s gifts to Medvedev,’ rt.com, February 24, 2010, accessed August 2, 2011; G. Kramore, ‘At the taiga dead end‘. I find the story enlightening. Amazing! It’s amazing how resourceful this family was. The fish found in the water bodies of the Taiga region are less diverse in nature that those found in other warmer regions of the world. Karp Lykov died in his sleep on February 16, 1988, 27 years to the day after his wife, Akulina. […] Last month, noted historical writer Mike Dash published a mind-blowing article on Smithsonian.com. If only they had kept written records of their dreams. Where did they get the fabric? I don’t look down on Karp for wanting something better for his family then what was going on in his town at that time, for he had already lost his brother to their beliefs, and that is what made him decide to take his family into a world of isolation. One was in hysterics, praying: ‘This is for our sins, our sins.’ The other, keeping behind a post… sank slowly to the floor. We’ve built greenhouses. Taiga was the only way for them to survive, even after 40 years they were scared of the system. You could do that on steep mountainsides just as quickly (perhaps even more quickly) than open plains. They learned how to hunt without guns or bows. The man brought his family to the isolated wilderness and refused to make any attempts at returning to civilization, condemning his children to a life of poverty and perpetual hunger. In terms of the “coo”, the author was stating how it sounded to him. Death of a Godmother 01:00 But then she has electricity, unlike this family. This story was told and we were just as amazed as you guys. The Old Believers had always been persecuted in Russia, and it was only Emperor Nicholas II who finally put a stop to it. That’s fascinating, and oddly I just read a review of this new Werner Herzog documentary about living in Siberia, called Happy People: A Year in the Taiga. I’d love to see a movie based on this, especially based on Dmitry. Karp Lykov, along with his wife and children, lived in a wooden hut just a few miles from the border with Mongolia. Religion or not iit’s a common part of Russian character to see life for what it is – a long and dusty road that streches far into horizon. “Managing” monthly hygiene is much easier when on a near starvation diet. Jerry-built from whatever materials came to hand, the dwelling was not much more than a burrow—”a low, soot-blackened log kennel that was as cold as a cellar,” with a floor consisting of potato peel and pine-nut shells.

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