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Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. By Brandon Zachary Dec 21, 2019. Kylo then arrives and destroys the Wayfinder, meaning Rey can only reach Exagol if she comes with him. He and Kylo Ren should have hit the casino at Canto Bight. ), And we’re not even close to being done yet…. This could very well be the case, though there are a number of ways the Emperor could have returned. But Ian McDiarmid is back for another go around as the worst person in the Star Wars universe, seemingly wanting to take down both Rey and Kylo Ren, and taunting them with spooky voiceovers and sparsely decorated throne-rooms. Has Emperor Palpatine been haunting the Death Star ruins on Endor for all of this time? As the Death Star's metal deteriorates, the remains have a drastic impact on the life that does develop there: "A whole new ecosystem has been formed by the creatures that it has displaced. The Death Star is no more, but wreckage from the infamous space station will feature in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – and here's where to find it.. Related: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Allowed Toxic Fandom to Win. Since then, there have been a flood of questions about which Death Star it actually is. No scientists recorded the resulting impact, or could explain what variables prevented such a catastrophic event from simply obliterating all life on the moon. The Rise of Skywalker trailer provided us with our first hint at the return of the iconic Death Star. The chapter in question ends with "Leia gifting them (Alderaanians) the remains of the first Death Star to build a permanent space station in the system out of it.". When the survivors of Company 77—a company of stormtroopers who defected from the First Order—settled on Kef Bir, they salvaged Imperial technology to create the equipment that helped them survive on the moon's harsh environment. The Concave Dish, from which the Death Star's iconic superlaser beams emit, is easily recognizable despite being in so many fragments. She's just above Mark Hamiil, who plays Luke Skywalker and does not appear in the trailer, having seemingly died at the end of The Last Jedi. He appeared in Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of The Jedi (1983), part of the original Star Wars trilogy. Since the first Death Star pieces were given away, it's safe to assume that it's all gone. While most stories run on what feels right rather than what makes sense, there is a faction of Star Wars fandom that enjoys bringing, say, that the destruction of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi would have rained fiery doom on the Ewoks living on the Forest Moon of Endor. Rey successfully located the wayfinder, but before she could take it and return to her companions, her adversary Kylo Ren destroyed it. No sentient beings on Kef Bir's surface witnessed the Death Star's wreckage crash into the oceans, for the moon had no intelligent life-forms. Ewoks living through Chernobyl times a million would probably kill that good vibe. Like any other Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker left viewers with many questions after they left the theater, such as where the Death Star wreckage is located and where it came from. Not only do we see mysterious, masked character Zorri Bliss (bounty hunter Boba Fett for a new generation) siding with the Star Wars heroes, we also see new name Jannah riding tusked space horses into battle with Finn and physics-defying robot BB-8. After the second Death Star was destroyed in 4 ABY during the Battle of Endor, portions of the superweapon including the Emperor's Throne Room where he kept his wayfinder fell onto Kef Bir. Kef Bir appears to have very little variety of organic life. However, the movie's version of the Death Star wreckage has the dish in significantly fewer pieces, which creates the plot hole for Battlefront 2. As seen in the picture above, the Concave Dish of the second Death Star is coming apart in pieces in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. When Kylo Ren decides to turn to the good side of the Force and after having a mind-chat with a memory of his father, Han, the question of how he flies to Exegol is kind of weird. The Rise Of Skywalker Death Star Creates A Battlefront 2 Plot Hole. fierce abuse online after her Star Wars debut. Composer with dementia meets students he inspired. The dish is falling apart into countless pieces as it falls through space. Carrie also gets first-billing on the movie poster. For now, we'll just have to wait, but there are some pretty huge teases in the Rise of Skywalker promotional footage. [3], After a successful attack on the Death Star II's reactor during the battle of Endor,[4] the ruins of the destroyed battle station subsequently fell to the surface of the ocean moon Kef Bir. Death Star ruins But, there are a few problems with this. The depictions of the second Death Star in ruins vary greatly between the film and Battlefront 2, creating a plot hole and continuity error in the video game. A one-stop shop for all things video games. We see grass, and the orbaks, native horse-like creatures that feed upon it. Persuading an undecided voter. Here's the full trailer, The Rise of Skywalker will be released on 20 December 2019. Kelly Marie Tran, (Rose Tico) and Billie Lourd (Lieutenant Connix) feature just once in this trailer, despite being two of the few survivors of The Last Jedi. It would result in collisions on-par with asteroid impacts that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. 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Kelly Marie was subjected to fierce abuse online after her Star Wars debut, drawing a backlash from some fans who took aim at her ethnicity and appearance. As it rots, eaten away by the saltwater, each year millions of tons of industrial toxins seep into the oceans.". 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