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did mace windu survive

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For a Jedi Master of his level–one of the all-time most powerful and most significant on the Council–this is odd. That leaves one last deadly force: fall damage. R2-D2, uh, turned himself off. The end of u/shahkabra's post says, "Due to the incredible resilience and fall damage of Jedi and Sith, there is no way that with the evidence in mind that Mace Windu is dead." Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker were two Jedi always at odds with each other. It's hard to say if they will, of course, as that was one heck of a fall Windu ended up taking... Click on the "Next" button below for our take Windu, who sat beside Yoda at the head of the Jedi Council, never quite got along with Skywalker. But it was Windu himself who actually tried to slay Darth Sidious and stop the dark lord from corrupting Anakin's brain once and for all. While the prequels featured a lot of peculiar creative decisions, George Lucas being the man in charge meant there was a cohesive story which had a beginning, middle, and end. Sure, Darth Vader's cry of "Nooooooo!" We never see blood spurting out of these burnt wounds–so Windu bleeding to death is definitely out. Whether it's the fact the entire Skywalker lineage ended in death and Rey Palpatine dubbing herself "Rey Skywalker" or the random return of Emperor Palpatine to the land of the living with zero explanation about how it happened. Getting into Supreme Leader Snoke's role further muddies the water; was he an actual person Palpatine cloned and used as a pawn or just one of his own failed clones? Not a great time to be around, especially not for a Jedi as notable as Mace Windu. Force lightning alone isn't powerful enough to kill. Or so we think. However, the ways he otherwise expanded on the Force did make sense, whether it was Yoda mentioning that Qui-Gon Jinn had mastered life after death or the effect the Dark Side had on Anakin Skywalker after his horrifying actions. Close. Samuel L. Jackson as Darth Vader Is the 'Star Wars' We Deserve. Instead, it added to their stories - not always in an effective way, mind you - and ultimately did them justice. It's still a possibility that he died of old age after surviving the fall. Like theories about Boba Fett or Darth Maul (which actually ended up coming true), Star Wars fans have long believed that Windu is still alive, despite having an altercation that seemed fatal. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Did Mace really go through something that he could not survive? Not everything needs to be neatly tied up, of course, and a certain level of ambiguity is a nice way of getting fans to wonder what happened next to these characters. Kylo Ren was a fantastic villain with a compelling story arc which, minus his death, had a satisfying ending. "It was George Lucas' idea to kill Mace Windu," Jackson said while answering questions on Twitter to help promote "Legend of Tarzan," which opens Friday. And Mace Windu is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill Jedi. We'll get into the long list of questions regarding Emperor Palpatine a little later, but you can't say the prequels left us with as many dangling plot threads, and certainly not ones this infuriating! We're forming that opinion based on incomplete information. It's one of the franchise's strongest narrative beats. Reddit user u/shahkabra posted a theory saying, "I propose that under no circumstance could Master Windu have been killed by the act of force lightning, being literally disarmed, falling from a great height, or a combination of all three. Samuel L. Jackson, who played the Jedi master in the three prequel films, said he thinks the character is still alive. U/shahkabra links to a bunch of other Star Wars heroes and villains who have survived falls from great heights. For this point, you might be best off checking out our breakdown of The Rise of Skywalker's biggest unanswered questions! So did Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi.In fact, Mace gets hit with Palpatine's lightning for about 15 seconds - all at once - while Luke is lit up repeatedly, including for over 20 seconds straight during the Emperor's final attack. Anakin, of course, chooses to bow before the Dark Side, chopping off Windu's arm, which allows Palpatine to send a furious wave of lightning at Windu, electrocuting him off the windowsill and out into the skies of Coruscant, falling to his death. The newer theory from wren620 includes some pretty undeniable examples that Jedi can survive falls from a great height, mostly drawn from the ninth episode of Clone Wars Season 7. This last line is the most intriguing part of the entire theory. It wasn't perfect, but it worked, and it didn't leave a bad taste in our mouths! Redditor wren620 builds upon a previous theory from another user, shahkabra, adding new points gleaned from the latest Clone Wars episodes. Like, extremely deep. In the Star Wars canon, we never heard from Windu again–not as a Force Ghost, not as a disembodied voice–nothing. The prequels made us realise what sort of man Obi-Wan Kenobi was before ending up on Tatooine, while we also got to witness what led Anakin Skywalker down a dark path. Anakin bursts into the chamber, and Palpatine forces him to make a choice: allow Windu to cut him down, or save Sidious, who, as the dark lord says, "Has the power to save the one [Anakin] loves." Okay, say what you will about the prequel trilogy: it's long, it's self-indulgent, it's a baroque mess of green screen madness and confusing political mumbo jumbo. But, none of them have died. So we don't really have any information on his status after his implied death. Unfortunately, the rest of the bad guys in the Star Wars sequels were a disappointment. Everything from Force Dyads to Wayfinders and the Dark Side were introduced in Disney's Star Wars movies, but most of these ideas didn't work. Dom Nero is a staff video editor at Esquire, where he also writes about film, comedy, and video games. Mace Windu's demiseLucasfilm The newer theory from wren620 includes some pretty undeniable examples that Jedi can survive falls from a great height, mostly drawn from the … Having already made the original movies, George Lucas obviously knew where he was heading with his prequels. I think he can take a little buzz from time to time. Shahkabra argues, correctly, that Lightsabers are "designed to cauterize wounds so as to not kill." All done? If the theory is true, when would we be most likely to see Mace Windu again? It's said that Jackson is one of the most bankable stars in the game right now. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, is a huge figure in Hollywood right now. Therefore Jedi Master Mace Windu survived as well." The challenge of making the sequels was to create a new story, and while they did succeed in that respect, they ultimately failed to build on what came before in a satisfying manner. 0. This finale, however, failed to wrap up the story arcs of key characters, and felt like half a movie as a result. Especially in Star Wars, where people are getting their limbs chopped off, falling from cliffs, and being electrocuted all the damn time. Mace was born about 70 years before the events of A New Hope, putting him in the same Elder Jedi role as Obi-Wan Kenobi. ", He added that after speaking to Lucas, the filmmaker agreed with his point of view that the Jedi Master could still be alive and well, though he did acknowledge that, "George doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore.". U/Shahkabra then goes on to say, "There has never been an instance in which a Jedi or Sith has been killed by force lightning." Well, those barely scratch the surface, and it's crazy to think just how many lingering plot threads these sequels left us with. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Lucasfiilm clearly felt that they needed to make things right with fans after some of the creative decisions made by Rian Johnson, but that led to them arguably making no one happy. Without looking to the novelisations and tie-in books for further context, all we know is that he somehow survived the events of Return of the Jedi in a clone body, and planned to have his granddaughter kill him so he could take over her body and then rule the Galaxy. The sequels, however, didn't do the original films justice for the most part. It feels like the legacy of the Star Wars sequels will revolve around the competing vision of two filmmakers - J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson - both of whom played a game of one-upmanship, undoing the other's work because they had their own specific ideas about what Star Wars should be. The prequels, on the other hand, did deliver the moments we wanted to see as fans (Darth Vader's transformation and how Emperor Palpatine got his deformed appearance, for example), and while that was undeniable fan-service, there was definitely just the right amount of it. The sequels also played around with the Force, but this time, the result were definitely mixed. This includes the vicious, genocidal slaughter of the Jedi known as "Order 66." Only readers with Midichlorian counts over 20,000 dare go further! It's true. ), they also failed to deliver lightsaber battles which left a lasting impact of any sort. Those aren't the outcomes we wanted for any of the characters, and it's not like they even ended up finding redemption for the most part. It seems like Palpatine is back in Skywalker. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It's been all but confirmed that we'll be seeing some returning Jedi in this new film–Mark Hamill's voice has been featured prominently in all the trailer footage so far, and there are rumors going way back that Yoda will once again be making an appearance in the film. The purple lightsaber-wielding Jedi's death was never confirmed. We'll address why that's the case with Emperor Palpatine a little later, but they all fared better than the returning characters from the original trilogy. Did Mace Windu Survive? It's just kind of part of the thing. The concept of there being two Sith at one time (a Master and Apprentice) was randomly dropped, and the convoluted nonsense linking Kylo Ren and Rey in The Rise of Skywalker is definitely something that's better off forgotten. Rian Johnson expertly choreographed that battle aboard Snoke's Star Destroyer, but when Abrams had Rey face down Kylo Ren, excitement was lacking, and the iconic weapons barely factored into his finale. He would be too old to appear in any continuations, but there's one glaring part of Jedi history he could participate in: the Rebellion. The Star Wars prequels were undeniably divisive, but pretty much everyone can agree that Samuel L. Jackson's Mace Windu was a highlight. Whether you loved or hated it, it's hard to deny that The Rise of Skywalker served as a mostly horrendous ending to the Skywalker Saga. He took a blast of Force lightning to the face, sure. Finally, the issue of "falling from great heights" is unpacked. Could Windu have died on impact, falling to his death on the roads of Coruscant?

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