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Including the traditional Irish Aran Jumper in the image above. $165.00. Yes, I’m here to help make your hygge dreams come true this season! When it came to high fashion, it was Coco Chanel who put knitwear on the map or rather the catwalk. When did knitting meet the mechanical age? You can also buy her knitting patterns – I’m working on their Trefann pattern right now and it’s knitting up super quickly! Not surprisingly, it was common for the fishers themselves to be adept; their knotting skills making them a dab-hand at knitting. I’m a huge fan of their new Conscious Cashmere collection, made with 70% recycled cashmere, as well as their alpaca sweaters! Channel introduced the fashion-focussed to the knitwear dress, knitwear cardigan and other knitwear designs. This menswear-inspired brand for women, known for its tailored basics, has come out with a line of knitwear that feels like cozying up in your man’s sweater…except it’s made to fit you and you don’t have to give it back when he gets “cold.” The brand is female-owned and dedicated to responsible manufacturing in ethical factories, as well as making high quality, timeless clothing that will last you for years. Brora Knitwear are all about slow fashion. In Britain, it became regular practice to make much-need heat insulating jumpers and sweaters, particularly for fishermen. 3 Sustainable Ways to Update Your Home Décor. You can even knit a sweater in a week, like I did! A creative, dreamer and editor, partial to a magnesium bath. Brora focus on creating designs that can be worn with pride, for many years. https://www.ecowool.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/WHAT-IS-KNITWEAR.mp3Where would we be without knitwear? Knitwear. Everlane has stepped up their cozy game this season with fuzzy alpaca sweaters for only $95, fleeces made from recycled water bottles, and of course, their usual wool and cashmere sweaters—all at affordable prices. © Copyright restitchstance. For me there is a great sense of joy when it comes to winter and I get to wear my favourite knitwear pieces. As the years went by, the gap between knitwear being practical and fashionable began to close, with knitwear offering an efficient and affordable natural material for everyone. By the end of the 19th Century, Scotland boasted more than 250 mills and knitwear began to emerge as a material that wasn’t just for underclothes but outerwear too. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight a few eco-friendly knitwear brands that create beautiful pieces, using sustainable materials and ethical production methods. I own both their alpaca crew sweaters and their cashmere, and am pretty happy with the quality of both styles! The eco-friendly knitwear brands featured in this edit all work hard to produce quality garments that are made to last, the kind of clothes you’ll be handing down to generations to come. This Hong-Kong-based brand has a wide selection of wearable knits, including tops, sweaters, pants, skirts, and outerwear. The alpaca is my favorite because it’s so fluffy and soft. Plus, it’s made entirely from upcycled cotton yarn. Required fields are marked *. They believe that people should think about buying fewer, timeless and high quality items that last – and can be enjoyed for more than one season. Unlike today, where small-scale and professionally crafted knitwear is considered a luxury, there was a time in the 19th century where mass, machine-made underwear and other garments were deemed superior. Since the year dot, knitwear, one of the oldest form of clothes-making, has dressed humans around the world, proving that the natural fibre is so versatile it could be made into underwear, clothes and accessories with even the most basic of equipment. Know a great ethical and sustainable knitwear brand that’s not on here? At Celtic & Co, sustainability is at the heart of their operations, they are proud to be a sustainable, luxury, fashion and lifestyle brand, flying the flag for British made products in the slow fashion industry. At one stage she worked alongside Eugene Rodier to produce exquisite garments that were the height of fashion. Ecoalf. Add to cart -20% Available. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. First examples of knitwear include those found in Egypt dating back to the 3rd-5th centuries. By entering your e-mail address, you verify that you consent to receiving e-mail communications from me, and to this blog's privacy policy. True to their promise of transparency, the brand tells you what each product is made of, ranging from upcycled yarn to ethically raised yaks. « How To Improve Your Money Mindset with Julia Day- Founder of The Independent Girls Collective, 3 Tips For Creating Your Sustainable Small Business », Feels like a bit of weird Halloween this year, wit, The October New Moon will be transiting Libra, "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote, Hopefully you received the weekly newsletter this, Whether we realise it or not, the climate crisis i, Today is Clean Air Day. 10 ethical knitwear brands you need in 2019 Ally Bee. Perhaps more surprising, grim even, was that the pattern of their knits was used as a way of identifying bodies should they be lost at sea.

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