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HUSTLING FOR Same time I went down to Varick St. an the 27th, voting day, to get a judge, fine, and imagepaper so I could vote against the Vietnam war. Do you have to like it! Since the factory camera remained motionless, it was all but inevitable that the movies would soon develop into filmed proscenium plays. CLEM THE SLICK All copyrights are the property of their respective owners. a silver man on a black horse with red standard and striped. The terror and desperation of CHELSEA GIRLS is a Holy Terror — Jonas Mekas. Oh, there are swinging activities in Detroit, though John Sinclair, young hot-shot there, was recently busted for pot and got six months, somewhat cooling the scene, and Allen says there is activity in Wichita with Charles Plymell, and there's always a few new talents jaypopping thru San Francisco, despite the hate-wars always going on in that most provincial of big cities; but, I repeat, what's happening is happening in New York City. Usually indirect, as you can see. 20th Century Fox has noted that Markopoulos' technique with color is the most advanced in the country, and the independent film world has hailed the velocity of his intercutting in the interests of subliminal communication as the most expert on record. The ultimate in wishful hoping is achieved at the movie's climax, when a sailor's fly opens out into a gigantic Christmas tree that pierces the hero through and through. Psychedelic art, then, is a continuous record of a sort of non-verbal stream of consciousness. A drama, such as a play, film, or television program, characterized by exaggerated emotions, stereotypical characters, and interpersonal conflicts; 2. Here is the ending of one of his most/memorable shorter poems, "Uccello", the poet's commentary upon looking at one of Uccello's paintings and wishing to take part in the battle crusade depicted: You'd think it impossible for any man to die, each combatant's mouth is a castle of song And can it be put into words anyway? So, why does UbuWeb have several films of Anger’s on their site? bread from a poet. A vast orange library of dreams, dreams The poets, sensitively attuned to the fastchanging nuances of our society, are the first to put into words what so many others feel. But always the gap remained—the physical separation between the watchers and the watched—the stage raised above and separated from the audience. In the East Village if all 2,500 people at the Leary assemblage that night hod voted we would have got a peace candidate, maybe full of images, but anyway the word peace instead of the word war implanted in newspaper consciousness. When the cat's mouth lit up again every Barbie & Ken got up and went out to have a Kotex filter lip wintergreen flavored, cancerless, cigarette, I tried to swim upstream to talk my way out of my sentence -- And using what little tack I have received permission to go from fail to chance. How much of current art is "forced art" and how much grows naturally? With daring zooms and electrifying worm's-eye-views that shutter down like the collapsing folds of a fan, he exposed with unabashed innocence the nightmare limitations of a youth who craves the sadistic assault of an entire navy in place of the paranoiacally lost union with humanity. Those who hate or dismiss Warhol's work because of this terror in it, hate it for what they should really praise in it: for being able to portray some essential truths about ourselves. "Selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996)", Selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996) on UBUWEB, See tips for writing articles about magazines, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Film_Culture&oldid=981611567, Film magazines published in the United States, Defunct magazines published in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Third Independent Film Award: Ricky Leacock, Don Pennebaker, Robert Drew and Al Maysles for, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 11:49. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I want my man to have a toothpick in his ear and a purple boot on his right foot. In his only unpublished slim book manuscript, we find a sophistication and technical structure almost unequaled among his contemporaries or his elder mentors, including John Wieners whom he looks toward as his guiding spirit. I pass through Max Bruch forest, dallying on my way towards. Up-tight means to have so many different things of interest going at the same time to attract the audiences attention, in order to confuse them (maybe intentionally or unintentionally). MILITARISM, THE Ooops. Did Anger give them permission, as Goldsmith says they do for in-print films? Like everything else Warhol has done, his filming technique is so simple it astonishes, and becomes inevitably a great conversation piece. a wet deck. What makes the diary important, are the insights and the revelation of an extraordinarily sensitive and lucid but also tormented amphetamine spirit, a spirit effected by the impulse of an isolation, but not over that edge that prevents us from hearing and reading what Debbie Caen has to say of the personal crises that surround her and her friends: We live a life void of holidays and surrounded by our twins we crowd our heads with sound so loud, it fills our tender, pinkish brains as water fills a lost bottle. GROOOOOOOOOOH! The winners of this award were as follows. Now, back to NYC. 1. Explore how artists examine the relationship between gender and society. "It sucks in reality," as the critics noted, but quite often out of focus and with blurred sound. • So I go and sit and listen to Krishnamurti. Articles from Film Culture are compiled in a book entitled Film Culture Reader, published by Cooper Square Press. where the rays of childhood eyes ), Samuel Beckett - A Piece of Monologue (performed by David Warrilow, Samuel Beckett - Not I (performed by Billie Whitelaw), Gertrude Stein - If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso, Claude Closky - All the Musical Notes Classified in Alphabetical Order (French and English Versions), Marcel Duchamp - La Mariée mise à nu par ses Célibataires, même", Kenneth Goldsmith - No. And now, with kinetic and neon sculpture, the engineers and electricians are moving in as well. Required fields are marked *. HUSTLE for John Steeves. Maybe Ed Dorn is too specific in his naming of names and locations. RAHR! Racinghorses, poxy bucolic pip tics. To begin with, then, there is, and was, what was called "The Black Mountain School." It is easy to understand, of course, why a man who has made a living out of telling his readers what art is, or what good music is, cannot adjust to some new definitions. Contact aspen@ubu.com. There, in whatever word less energies your lives cd be taken up. French for “advanced guard,” this term is used in English to describe a group that is innovative, experimental, and inventive in its technique or ideology, particularly in the realms of culture, politics, and the arts. There the two newest and brightest of the new, heir apparent to the beats, Ed Sanders, and that presumptious young man Ted Berrigan, are publishing the two best poetry magazines in the world. Love has appointed there Hermann Nitsch - Maria Conception Aktion 5. Maybe he’s having a great art career, but who’s to say that it couldn’t be even greater if he stopped putting his work on UbuWeb? looking for sugar! It is a great book. Before the body of the mind, hoist great blocks of language into place, A fabric of elegant proportion, exquisitely adorned. As men searching for an other, in the light of a new moon look. The theatre of the absurd, a minor breakthrough, was followed closely by improvisational theatre in which attempts were made to truly involve the minds of the audience and not merely their eyes and superficial emotions. No more. Lidden children of the world. Most of the critics and viewers do not realize that the artist, no matter what he is showing, is mirroring or forecasting also our own lives. It is no accident that so many current Underground heroes are poets: Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg, Gerard Malanga, Michael McClure. and since everybody thinks they know all about him (they don't) I won't say anymore, except that his System of Dante's Hell actually is what Frank O'Hara once said it was, i.e. A term that emerged in the 1960s to describe a diverse range of live presentations by artists, including actions, movements, gestures, and choreography. Albert Rene Ricard's themes are completely about one subject: love and hate. As a brief example of his work, here's the opening stanza in his book "Rivers and Mountains": These lacustrine cities grew out of loathing When my thought left Robert Duncan too is a force in poetry, as a kind of older master, both through his own work and because of his immense| energies. Then it all goes, saying, here they were, and are, Bob came out--with a very neat wayout crew--organ (the only one I saw that was working) piano (simply grand) two guitar sidemen very fine musicians and quite like bookends--and a gas of a drummer, who plays like a huge huge teddy bear. You All these people are folk heroes of the Underground and they will remain so for as long as the mass media persist in judging their work (if they bother to review it at all) by the static standards of another generation. And is there a difference? Sometimes I wonder if I am the joke and she merely another prop, pushing me, downward. It’s a secret history. Despite assurances that the many sites pirating my work were doing me a favor with their “free advertising” I never saw a single incoming link from them, saw no increase in traffic, and made virtually no money. Here are brief examples of their work: Lay down these words The boundaries of what is accepted as "art" have become so wide that it is difficult to see how they could ever become constricted again. For a while it seemed that every young poet in America was aching to be a Black Mountain poet, which meant writing in short lines with a kind of spastic rhythm whose formal means failed to conceal what was basically a tragic romantic approach. I guess Gregory will never develop in an ordinary manner, but it is now obvious that sporadically he will astound everyone by producing authentic timeless works of great American genius as he was obviously meant to do. Smith is the creator of "Flaming Creatures," far and away the best known title in Underground movies though the title is hefter known than the film since it is banned in almost every state of the union. cummings, Let's From Some Loud Unworld's Most Rightful Wrong, Piers Plowright "Radio Radio, Program 11", Ernst Jandl "What you can do without vowels", Laurie Anderson For "Electronic Dogs/Structuralist Filmmaking/Drums", Momus and Anne Laplantine "Summerisle Horspiel", Cornelius Cardew, "Stockhausen Serves Imperialism and Other Articles", Yves Klein, "Selected Writings, 1928-1962", John Barton Wolgamot, "In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women" (introduction by Keith Waldrop), La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela, "Selected Writings", Henry Flynt Interview by Kenneth Goldsmith on WFMU, Luc Ferrari France Culture Tributes and Documentaries, Marcel Broodthaers, "Interview with a Cat", Marjorie Perloff, "The Music of Verbal Space: John Cage's 'What You Say'".

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