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what caused the cherry mine disaster

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Public outcry over the disaster and the company’s subsequent abandonment of the families of the victims led Illinois to impose stricter fire and safety regulations on mines and to adopt the state’s first Workmen’s Compensation Act. The fire spread, trapping hundreds of miners. Eddy and Waite, the leaders of the group, ventured out to check the fire and were forced back. The St. Paul Mining Company was fined $630 for violating child labor laws, and was compelled to pay the families of the dead $1800 each. There was always the likelihood of death or injury faced by the men and boys as they dug coal from the often narrow seams, sometimes lying many hundreds of feet below the surface. February 1, 1910. Among the dead were a father-son team, the Kralls, whose bodies were found locked in an embrace. “It’s always much more meaningful when it’s people in the community that have (artifacts) and they can bring them,” Smith said. 2009. Just after lunch on Saturday, November 13, a wagon carrying six bales of hay for the underground mules was lowered into the mine.At some point during the transportation from the main shaft to the escapement shaft, it’s believed that the hay was left too close to one of the kerosene torches and was ignited—but the fire was small, and the miners thought they could control it. Some passing by to catch the 1:30 cage out thought so little of the danger that they didn’t even mention the fire when they reached the surface. The several points where the company failed to provide safeguards for the to them to safety. Around 160 women were widowed by the disaster, and around 400 children were left without financial support. On Sunday, a day after the blaze began, the men built a wall between themselves and the fire—but the air was getting worse. The body was brought to the junction of the gallery The following day two special fire engines with over 4,000 feet of hose arrived from Chicago along with dozens of wagons containing fire suppression chemicals. Cherry Mine Disaster: Introduction Photo from the Bloomington Pantagraph. still unpaid (in Europe), To widow who has remarried -- still unpaid. A few men were able to climb the escapement shaft ladder to the second level, but the ladder was on fire above them, due to the fan that was now sucking air upward. When the cage was finally lifted up, all 12 men aboard were dead. than in any case in the history of great disasters. (To see a larger version of each photo, click on the photo), GO INTO THE MINE: Encouraged By Lower Temperature At Surface accumulated on top of the structural work ignited like tinder and spread All left A.nav:visited {COLOR: #ffffff; TEXT-DECORATION: none} 2 Copy of 1910 postcard showing the aftermath of the Cherry Mine Disaster. .navigation1 {FONT-SIZE: 12px; COLOR: #FFFFFF; FONT-FAMILY: helvetica, arial;}. Online transcription by Nancy Piper for Genealogy Trails prevailed and Morris and Williams descended. The shaft © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. 6 months interst on $25,000, Minn. St. Paul & Sault Ste. The Dhanbad coal mine disaster occurred on the night between 27th and 28th May. Web. Paul quickly completed his mission and came to the surface, where he was As trapped miners waited in the inky darkness for their hoped-for rescue, they sometimes broke the crystal on their watches so they could keep track of time by feeling where the watch hands were, Suttles said. Sunday Morning, November 14, 1909. The History and Genealogy, Back to Cherry Coal Mine Disaster Table of Contents. It was easily extinguished on the third level—but during the hour or so of firefighting on the second level, the wind from the air shaft had fanned the flames until the wooden supports on the second level were ignited. The Cherry Mine Disaster drew national attention to issues of mine safety and child labor. One body was discovered and the odor of burnt flesh was noticeable when the I came down this shaft yesterday to help to save the men's lives. proceeds of a concert, Streator Relief Committee by J. E. Williams, Duncan McDonald, Secretary-Treasurer United Mine Workers of Illinois.

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