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why was anna kept isolated from others

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Intense training afterward helped Isabelle recover, and 2 years later she had reached a normal speaking level for a child her age (Davis, 1940).Davis, K. (1940). As the two became more acquainted with each other and their lonely pasts, the two soon shared a romantic duet which ended with Hans proposing to Anna, which she gladly accepted despite having known him for a day. Fortunately, they're able to escape the pack, but the only bit of cargo to make it out of the chaos was Sven's carrots, as Kristoff's sled, and most everything in it, was destroyed. It was to the point where she felt she had no one in the world who truly loved her, with Elsa seeming to want nothing more to do with her. American Journal of Sociology, 45, 554–565. In horror, she realizes Hans is preparing to kill Elsa. This finally clears the way for Anna and Kristoff. The entire kingdom is abuzz in preparation, completely joyous for their soon-to-be queen. She was also extremely undernourished and emaciated. Anna's dress is very similar to the one Ariel wears when she goes on a date with. It turns out Hans has planned on wooing and marrying Anna, becoming next in line for the throne, and once that is complete, he will murder Elsa to be immediately crowned king with Anna as his consort. Anna assures Elsa there's no reason to be afraid, but Elsa refuses to listen, wanting her sister to return home to Arendelle where she'll live her life freely just as she's always wanted. While getting ready to throw the snowball at Marshmallow, Kristoff stopped her, telling her to leave the snowman alone, but gave Kristoff the impression that she was calm. Meanwhile, in the dining hall, Hans inform the Dignitaries of Anna's supposed death, and blames Elsa for the murderous crime. In California, Anna and Elsa are featured in a new winter themed area of Fantasyland. Hans also claims he and Anna married just before she died in his arms, thus making him king of Arendelle, and as his first order as ruler, he charges Queen Elsa with treason and sentences her to death. ", which also indicate her low outlook on herself. The nature of being isolated is very different from being lonely. Elsa implores Hans to take care of her sister in her absence. The cases of Anna and Isabelle show that extreme isolation—or, to put it another way, lack of socialization—deprives children of the obvious and not-so-obvious qualities that make them human and in other respects retards their social, cognitive, and emotional development. Anna appears as a playable character in Disney INFINITY. With neither of the sisters noticing the danger, Anna continues with her persistence, despite Kristoff advising they should leave, fearing for their safety. Even Hans has stated how she was so desperate for love that she was willing to marry him.

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