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did jesus speak in tongues

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Aramaic was not unknown to Christ, but was, in fact, his native language, so Christ speaking in Aramaic does not qualify as him speaking in tongues. He didn’t require to build; no, He didn’t need that. Now, a roman catholic convert, when I went back to churches from my past I had people of the church prey on me as though they were talking to a non-christian. Even deeper than that not one of the books that didn't make it in the bible say anything about speaking in tongues. Thank you so much for ALL your insights... Been very helpful. How is their recollection of Jesus' teaching essentially or substantially different than the Apostles writings? Of all people, as our supreme example, why wouldn't he if it really mattered? And so, speaking in tongues at this time had not been given. Phoenicians? He was the Word made flesh. How can you then attribute Jesus speaking in his native language to be an incidence in tongues? As with it is with all human beings, saying and teaching something that isn't even there occurs often and is the case with speaking in tongues. (14:2)For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. The difference with your interpretation that Jesus was talking about prayer like the rosary, and mine which is what the word actually says is that tongues is unknown to the speaker and listener. ); including the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.4. To hold such a position, one would have to do so on subjective bases rather than the facts of the text. Ok so it's a language that's between you and G-d that the speaker has no clue as to what he is saying? Everything in the longer ending is paralleled in other portions of the scriptures, so it seems to me the effort to discredit the longer ending serves little practical good. My question is this - how is speaking in tongues more than gibberish used in a way to prove one is "higher up" through show? Jesus said, “I will pray the father;” he said, “when I go to heaven I will pray the father and He shall send you another comforter, even the spirit of truth” [John 14: 16-17], talking about the Holy Spirit. The word used here is 'βατταλογήσητε'. If so, then the question of maturity is why wouldn't one speak in tongues? In a very interesting fact everyone should turn there bible to Matt. To speak in tongues is to speak in a language that your not normally able to speak like how Jesus spoke the language of the people which was Aramaic. ANSWER : Okay. But, Jesus was born the son of God and then He needed the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to carry out ministry. Don't use replacement theology to make things fit, use these scriptures as they were intended to be right from the get go. This is nothing but people twisting the word to fit what best suits them. I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding. It was a port city that received people from all over who spoke in many other languages who came to buy and sell. That is not a claim of shared space, but shared nature. The Word of God is not meant to be confusing or a mystery, but it's not really open to interpretation either. How do I know? Speaking in tongues is part of the "more".

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