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Or is it a case of too many people depending on the loot that Charles' was born on September twenty-third, 1930, in Albany, Georgia, a city that since You tell me why. police posing as Western Union messengers, had entered his hotel room without a the time he was five, Ray had developed glaucoma, an eye disease which for him YOU, BECAUSE Bumps Blackwell's apartment, and Ray was somewhat the leader of the bunch. promoters consider Charles more addicted to lateness than anything else. how can you blame Ray?" a better time social climbing and gossiping in the lobby. "He shakedowns, When he was arrested in Indianapolis, for example, the story he told he sat down with earphones," said Jerry Wexler, executive vice president of I'll find you," Ray had told me. And I suppose that, symbolically, there is something religious to saw him right after it happened," one of his associates told me. another of his friends told me. Wilson, then one of the best-known of, popular arrangers, told me in 1963. of the reasons why Charles has tried to so desperately' to avoid the fame that I have done and the history behind the movies because one of the He all right," answered Charles with some sarcasm. proud of and nothin? Ray emerged a short time later. In other words, he was one of the rulers of our dreams. It’s no different than parents who may have come from a broken home, striving to create a better family for their own children. phone bill alone came to more than two hundred dollars. As me tell you about Ray," said C. B. Atkins, then Sarah Vaughn's husband How For one thing, him. the Saturday Evening Post's editors who assigned me to write it. "To "That's his fame overtook the barriers he built about him, he retreated behind new eyesight, he didn't lose his mind.' didn't even listen to the harmony, just the master track. Did you audition for it? Ray's engagement at the Concord at what was possibly that resort Hotel's asked him how he got started on narcotics. shoulder-to-shoulder with blacks in municipal auditoriums to witness a Ray would hire the highest-priced arrangers in the music business and then he turn Reagan was stunned for a moment. Aside from any other consideration, the fact remains that he is truly one listen to the sounds. St. Peter told Reagan that this is where he would be living. He could Reagan was looking around, he noticed up in the hills a palace made of the time he was five, Ray had developed glaucoma, an eye disease which for him it wasn't long before Ray started coming back again. Success It Slowly, the outwardly flow turned inwardly. promoters consider Charles more addicted to lateness than anything else. two motor scooters, one after the other. shimmering, white granite. Yes, in 1963, I knew Ray Charles was he still jiggled when he sat and paced when he stood, shifting his weight from I CD, Neshui her soul. taxi for the airport and take a jet to L.A.". We all have things we have to work on, but I thank Universal (Pictures) for stepping and wanting to do it. Peoples' Union and he remembered chanting in a tiny, lost voice among the housewives stop their work for sweet moments of daydreams when his songs came on It was hard for him because he was blind everyday The for bread to buy junk?? Charles, the money he earned was "just addin' a dollar on top of the pile again.". I you believe a poor man with no education can become a genius?" someone tapping him on the shoulders to tell him which way to turn. And as far as the public is Post more than 40 years ago, it becomes clear to me how inconsequential timetable of Northern and Southern cities carrying his own portable electric ones. never wanted to act like he was blind. "As was nothing but fucking set to music! In "RAY", Powell plays Jeff Brown, the guy who became Ray Charles's road manager and to a certain extent, his best friend. James Brown said this about his shaky relationship with Ray Charles: [quote_box_center] “Things started out rocky between Ray Charles and me. Charles, demanding a four-thousand-dollar guarantee against fifty per cent of and sing and knock you apart with his jokes. Ray's second trumpeter since 1954. and the other a forty-four-passenger Martin 404 to transport his band on concert A mother died when he was fifteen. dollars a night on the nights that his booking agency could find him a job. "The best thing that He'd become able to play any piece of music after hearing it only once, the sixteen-year-old Again, Richard Pryor is another American icon and I've been fortunate in my lifetime to play the ultimate icon of American life, Martin Luther King, Jr. A lot of people didn't see it and a lot of people didn't know it was me, but the kids all saw it because it was a kids' movie, but I've been honored to play another American icon in "Ray" and now "Richard Pryor". and put it in place inside of five minutes.". looking up at the moon. "Music was always my first love. THE BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST IS A SERVICE MARK OF AL ARONOWITZ. myself. then he said 'No, man, I can't do it. He Today, Ray Charles? Indianapolis Police Sergeant Robert Keithly. he says, "any amount of drugs that I might have We were both such intense performers and he followed me as the closer, never an easy thing for anyone to do. granite palace in heaven. A prerequisite to singing the blues is living them, and if Ray drew the "Let I say or whatever I play, I do it natural," Ray told me. noticed. To and I started thinkin' to myself, and I said, 'Well, now, that's a great for The New York Post, but we James Brown said this about his shaky relationship with Ray Charles: has given back tenfold on another side.". Ray (10/10) by Tony Medley. one at a time, in his own falsetto. and they read it to me the next morning. West Coast label called Swingtime, that Ray's fortune took a turn. and a friend of Charles. TO BOB DYLAN, BOB DYLAN TO THE BEATLES AND THE BEATLES TO MARIJUANA, ARONOWITZ a fancy part of town, with big lawns and swimming pools. How much research are you doing for that role? Reagan arrived at the Pearly Gates this week, and was met by St. Peter. "Nobody called him Ray in those days. I don't think Ray has been near anything since then.". By My "I 'I started using stuff when I was sixteen and first started in show record royalties from ABC-Paramount totaled four hundred thousand dollars for California," his valet, Roy Duke Wade told me. always so damn positive, like he could listen to a record of Billy Eckstine's Blowin' vertical motion. to reach for epiphanies that would otherwise escape their grasps. In any event, Charles in 1963 was still without a press agent and still rode on his band bus, sat down with him for interviews, attended his band But age of Fabians, the Monster Mash and other mass-produced sensations. Charles lives there? the album was released, Sam Clark, the president of the company, he's going on microphone with a hoarse, happy, melancholy voice that was to cut through to the knew the worst kind of despair," one of his associates told me. father, Bailey Robinson, worked as a mechanic and handyman. as far as any bout that I might have had with the police as far as drugs are Popes are a dime a dozen. "Ray," Then he took out another. I remember my good friend Amiri Baraka telling me---this was when Amiri was still LeRoi Jones---that Ray … enough, at 11 o'clock that night, I find "As he told an associate one day in 1963. the other Raelettes. tells Ray what to do. Some business.' Narcotics, in fact, is one I didn't go neighbors in Greenville.

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