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Anyway, the galaxy will open up a bit, revealing more systems to be taken, including Mon Calamari and Bothawui and more systems to the south. Slay the Rebel scum and burn their buildings to the ground. When you're ready to steal some tech, drag C-3PO onto Mon Calamari and plop him into the Steal icon. You can try to charge through the asteroids, if you wish, but you'll be damaged, as mentioned. If you have a large number of units attacking the same ship, though, they'll often pick different subsystems to hit, which is suboptimal; ideally you'll have all of your ships targeting the same subsystem to knock it out, then going after subsequent ones in turn. This has been because many of these changes were still early in development, or not started yet. When you've killed both of the prisons, you'll have gained a few Wookiees for your army. Ignore Mon Mothma here; go ahead and land on Fresia to take it over. So if you can build a shield generator and fill the planet with troops, you should be able to win any ground battles here with ease. Guide Han and Chewie through Carida to retrieve the plans for the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. His Jetpack ability allows him to quickly move around the battlefield, and his Flame Thrower is similar to Palpatine's Force Lighting; in that it can sweep across multiple infantry units and kill most normal Infantry or Plex Soldiers in a matter of seconds. Take a ground assault force to Fresia and steal the X-Wing prototypes. Strong Against: Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship, Marauder Missile Cruiser Weak Against: Y-Wing, Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. Hooray evil! Princess Leia's pilot, Captain Raymus Antilles (no relation to Wedge), pilots the formidable Sundered Heart, a modified Corellian Corvette. AOC Streaming Among Us Works Because It's Genuine. In space battles, Vader pilots what appears to be a squadron full of TIE Advanced x1 fighters, which are a bit better than the normal TIE Fighters that are flown by other pilots. It's not nearly as good as the little scout droids that the Rebels get as a part of their MPTL-2A artillery - in order for the Scout Trooper to spot an area, it'll have to actually, physically go there. I love all the completely new ships as well as the revamped models of the existing ones (more to come? The Y-Wing is the Rebellion's faithful bomber unit. (There's nothing you really need to worry about in the passageway to the west, so you can avoid it if you wish; just be sure to destroy all of the spawning points.) The 2-M is borderline incompetent when firing at infantry, though, so this will result in something of a stalemate unless you roll up some Maulers to finish the job. In space, he's one of the best anti-fighter units around, and he can heal himself by bringing back more wingmen when they get destroyed. Note that this doesn't actually deal any damage to the vehicles, so you'll need to follow it up with Plex Soldiers or some other kind of unit capable of actually hurting vehicles if you don't want them to all just reactivate when the EMP runs out and start pounding you again. This can take a while, and at least one of your capital ships will get tagged by the Ion Cannon on the surface and get left behind. Strong Against: Marauder Missile Cruiser Weak Against: Everything else. The defender, conversely, must destroy all attacking ships to repel the invasion. Mon Mothma was the Chief of State of the Rebel Alliance, taking up the post after Bail Organa, her primary partner in forming and organizing the Alliance, was killed in the destruction of Alderaan. You can try to use it against a capital ship, sure, but the missiles aren't really as powerful as those of a Y-Wing, and you'll be more vulnerable to turbolaser fire, so you may want to pick a ship that's a bit more specialized than the Gunship when deciding what to buy. Dealing with a shield generator is a bit more mystifying. When you've cleared out the base, be sure to head to the east a bit and destroy the other anti-infantry turret there. Build an officer academy on its surface and use it to make at least one fleet officer and one field officer. A ton of new Voice Acting has been added to the mod thanks to the great help of our voice actors, and I want to thank them for making units feel more unique. Plex Soldiers are strong against almost any type of vehicle, but have the usual weaknesses of infantry units, so keep them away from TIE Maulers and artillery units if you're at all fond of their continued lives. Another good target for your fire are the shield generators on capital ships. If you manage to get your troops in close to the station, try setting up your bombers for a bombing run on its hangar. I wont say why publicly. These guys are going to be more expensive than normal (in skirmish and multiplayer), but will be well worth using in the Campaign or Galactic Conquest modes, since they never permanently die. Its main use is to erect an interdiction field, which prevents any ships in the same combat from escaping into hyperspace before the combat is finished. Take note of the planet's conditions: no repulsorlift vehicles will work here, so your 2-M Repulsor Tanks and your Scout Troopers won't be capable of deploying to the surface. Of course, sometimes the computer inflates their stacks with numerous ground units, so you can't be sure whether you're going to be facing off against a bunch of ISDs or a bunch of shuttles. "No, I can hold it together, I can - aghghghghgghh! If you rush into battle, you can safely retreat when they start taking damage. Make one large group of X-Wings and Corellian Corvettes, at least three groups of Y-Wings, and keep the Sundered Heart in its own little group. Strong Against: Turrets, Weak Against: Airspeeder, Plex Soldiers Special Abilities: Focus Firepower, Deploy Stormtroopers. No new ships or content however. Attack the pirate leader until he submits. The cause of the illustrious and inconsistent GC end game freeze bug has been found and fixed. While most RTS games give players the opportunity to defend their territory, the inclusion of shield generators and turbolasers on planets makes it exceedingly easy to go on the defensive in Empire At War, especially considering the computer's often unintelligent AI in ground battles and its apparent inability to move a space fleet past one of your occupied planets. Heck, that's probably true even for the space battles - unlike the conflict at Alderaan, you won't automatically win these when the planet blows up; you'll still have to hunt down and destroy all of the Rebel space forces. This ability has an extremely long timer, though, so you won't be able to use it more than once in a long fight. Get a T-2B up to the power generator, then quickly drop a bombing run onto the location. If they're unarmed, move them towards the nearby Wookiee structure to get them some bowcasters, and group them up with your infantry. 50% Damage Reduction for Rebel Infantry Units, Black Market: Credit Production Fluctuates, Reveals Tactical Information for Nearby Systems, Imperial Light Armor Upgrade (see note below), Repulsorlift Vehicles Can't Land On Surface (This Planet Only), Production Bonus: Imperial Star Destroyer, Infantry Units Automatically Heal (This Planet Only), Production Bonus: Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Infantry Take Damage Automatically During Ground Battles (This Planet Only), 25% Armor Boost for T2-B Tanks and Speeders, 15% Speed Boost for T4-B Tanks and MPTL-2As, 25% Damage Bonus for X-Wing, Y-Wings, A-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters, 25% Shield Bonus for X-Wing, Y-Wings, A-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters. After you break the Falcon free from the tractor beam, you'll automatically win the mission. There's nothing particularly mysterious about taking down the Star Cruisers; they're more powerful than any of the ships that you have, but there are only two of them, whereas you should be able to bring in almost as many ships as you need to take them down. After you start the mission, you'll find that you have enough room to bring down plenty of reinforcements; there's a population cap of 10 units here, so go ahead and swarm the ground with an army of mechanized creations. Make one huge group of these units and one for Vader, as well, and that should be about all you need. Anyway, the first few planets you want to take out are, in this order: Kashyyyk, Bothawui, Nal Hutta, Ryloth, and then Shola. Instead, we only have one word to say to you: shield generators. You can gain a large amount of cash by opening up the trade route between Coruscant and Endor, so that should probably be your first priority. Another cool little bonus you'll get here are from the inclusion of a pair of sensor droids. In order to call in a bombing run, you have to be able to actually see your target, so if you get the T-2B next to the power generator, you'll be able to bring down your Y-Wings. The Rebels will usually have one large space fleet; they may even attack you with it at some point. Typically, these will be automated turrets to help defend an area, or they will be stations to heal infantry or repair vehicles. You may be able to delay the attackers, giving you just a hair more time to set up your defenses.

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