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And a lot of the money that was given to Johnson both for other candidates and for himself was in cash." Jenkins returned to Austin and became a management consultant and operated a construction company. Asked how he knew that the money "found its way" into Johnson's hands, Clark laughed and said, "Because sometimes I gave it to him. Jenkins had been saved from exposure. President Trump posts unedited ‘60 Minutes’ interview on Facebook. This became a great source of income for the Johnson family after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had granted KTBC 24 hour a day monopoly broadcasting rights. Reynolds was also told by Jenkins that he had to pay for $1,200 worth of advertising on KTBC, Johnson's television station in Austin. Or Walter would get it. Read eyes. "All we knew was that Lyndon asked for it, and we gave it," Tommy Corcoran was to say. It also emerged that Jenkins, a colonel in the Air Force Reserve, had tried to use his influence to reinstate a fellow officer dismissed for sex offences. As a result of his work, Baker resigned as the secretary to Lyndon B. Johnson on 9th October, 1963. No matter what a man is saying to you, it's not important as what you can read in his eyes. Lyndon B. Johnson also used Jenkins to obtain political information. Abe Fortas, a lawyer who represented both Lyndon B. Johnson and Bobby Baker, worked behind the scenes in an effort to keep this information from the public. Jenkins wrote Warren Woodward on January 11, "Ed Clark tells me that he has received some assistance from H. E. Butt. Several were concerned that the FBI had been unaware of Jenkins previous offence in the same Washington toilet six years earlier. He had meant on that other occasion that he had not known "of the specifics for the purchase of advertising." On this occasion, however, he visited Jenkins in the hospital and sent him flowers.". Political analysts said at the time that he lost because he had changed religions, from Baptist to Roman Catholic. [1], Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Officer of the Order of the Crown of Italy, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Walter_Jenkins_(civil_servant)&oldid=861532953, Commanders of the Order of the British Empire, People educated at Carmarthen Grammar School, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 September 2018, at 03:43. It was well established that he had handled many of Johnson's business concerns. There's a difference between testifying against a President of the United States and a Vice President. Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover. Jenkins did well at school and went on to study at the University of Texas. Meeting the Competition. Primary Sources Walter Jenkins. Don B. Reynolds also testified before the Rules Committee on 9th January, 1964. He is survived by his wife, Margie, two daughters, four sons and 12 grandchildren. He would "pass the word" - often by telephoning, sometimes by having Jenkins telephone - to Brown or dark or Connally, and the cash would be collected down in Texas and flown to Washington, or, a Johnson was in Austin, would be delivered to him there. In 1964, Jenkins resigned from Johnson’s staff after an incident involving an alleged homosexual act in a public restroom, leading to his arrest on a morals charge. He later recalled: "He seemed to sense each man's individual price and the commodity he preferred as coin.". Here are the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board endorsements for president, California ballot measures and more. His testimony came to an end when news arrived that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. Walter Jenkins, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s close White House aide who resigned after he was arrested on a morals charge in a Washington restroom more than 20 years ago, has died. This time Reynolds provided little damaging evidence against Johnson. He was commended by the First Lord of the Admiralty (Winston Churchill) for securing naval coal supplies in anticipation of a miners' strike in south Wales. In late January (of 1964) when Republicans tried to get Walter Jenkins, Johnson's most intimate aide, to testify before a Senate subcommittee investigation, Johnson put in the fix. Jenkins had dinner with Johnson at the Casparis' Cafe, and after hours of answering questions, the young student was asked, "Would you like to work for me?". In late 1956 or early 1957, Jenkins recalled, he was treasurer of the LBJ Co., which owned the television station, and "I was seeking an insurance company from which insurance on the life of the then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson might be purchased. When word was received that some was available, John Connally recalls, he would board a plane in Fort Worth or Dallas, and "I'd go get it. He later recalled "I went down to Texas carrying this money in bills stuffed into every pocket." He remained close to the Lyndon B. Johnson family for the rest of his life. How to vote. To help him do this J. Edgar Hoover passed to Johnson the FBI file on Reynolds. Carl Curtis moved to call Jenkins to the stand anyway. This included a $585 Magnavox stereo. But "I did know Mr. Reynolds planned to purchase advertising time, and I have never asserted the contrary.". He constantly told him: "Watch their hands, watch their eyes. During his investigations Williams met Reynolds and persuaded him to appear before a secret session of the Senate Rules Committee. Don B. Reynolds told B. Everett Jordan and his committee on 22nd November, 1963, that Johnson had demanded that he provided kickbacks in return for him agreeing to this life insurance policy. Johnson also asks Smathers to arrange for Richard Russell and Everett Dirksen to deal with Curtis. Johnson then leaked this information to Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson. But then Jenkins "received word from the LBJ Co. that it would not be necessary to pursue the matter further because a local agent in Austin had become interested in selling the policies and that he not only had been an advertiser on the radio and television stations for many years, but also had always related the amount of his advertising to the amount of his business done with the station." As Carl Curtis pointed out: "Jenkins had been employed by Johnson for years. Your guide to the 2020 election in California. He has written, edited, or ghostwritten dozens of books for clients around the globe. He was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (1918) and a Companion of the Order of the Bath (1921) before being knighted on his retirement in 1936. In 1957 Reynolds was asked to arrange Johnson's life insurance policy. [1] He won a Meyricke exhibition to Jesus College, Oxford in 1893, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1897 before joining the Admiralty as a first-class clerk. The information given to the Committee by Reynolds clearly conflicted with the memorandum to which Jenkins had subscribed... Why did these six prominent Democratic senators, several of them leaders of their party, vote against hearing and cross-examining Jenkins? ", The historian, Rick Perlstein argued in Before the Storm: "In late January (of 1964) when Republicans tried to get Walter Jenkins, Johnson's most intimate aide, to testify before a Senate subcommittee investigation, Johnson put in the fix. When he heard the news about Jenkins, J. Edgar Hoover sent Jenkins a bouquet of flowers and expressed his regret that he had lost his job. ", Lyndon Johnson: "Well, get it all typed up for me.". It was because of his work with KTBC that Jenkins became involved in the Don B. Reynolds scandal. In 1939 Lyndon B. Johnson approached the dean and asked him to recommend a student to work for him in Congress. The offence had taken place in the same YMCA toilet. Walter Madden Jenkins is a specialist criminal and personal injury law firm with expertise in matters involving emergency services workers. A few weeks later the New York Times reported that Lyndon B. Johnson had used information from secret government documents to smear Don B. Reynolds. Jenkins, 67, died last week at St. David’s Hospital, where he had been hospitalized since suffering a stroke June 27. Lyndon B. Johnson applied considerable pressure on the newspaper not to print the story. He also became the first independent chairman of the National Federation of Iron and Steel Merchants (1938–1944). Carl Curtis moved to call Jenkins to the stand anyway. We had couriers." I can’t say enough about his loyalty and ability.”. Collateral: $25. Born 3-23-18, Jolly, Texas. On this occasion, however, he visited Jenkins in the hospital and sent him flowers. Jenkins became a White House aide when Johnson became President in 1963. Jenkins, Walter Wilson, 3704 Huntington St., NW. Ed Clark was to say. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, he was an attorney and sports agent, and he now helps people turn ideas and life stories into great books. The report concluded that Jenkins "had never compromised national security". Walter Wilson Jenkins, the son of John and Enna Jenkins, was born in Jolly, Texas, on 23rd March, 1918. Johnson pointed out that Jenkins was happily married with six children and that the incident was a result of Jenkins having too much to drink at the party. However, the story eventually appeared in the Washington Star and Jenkins was forced to resign. Walter Jenkins, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s close White House aide who resigned after he was arrested on a morals charge in a Washington restroom more than 20 years ago, has died. And it would be the same if he wanted money for his own campaign. In 1963 Senator John Williams of Delaware began investigating the activities of Baker. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Mr. Baker told me that he knew Don Reynolds, who represented a company which was beginning to specialize in insurance for former heart attack patients. The most important thing a man has to tell you is what he's not telling you. In his book Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate, Robert A. Caro claims that cash was collected by Jenkins, Bobby Baker, Edward A. Clark or Clifford Carter in Texas and then brought to Johnson in Washington. Jenkins forfeited a $50 bond rather than appear in court to face the charge. I said, "Who's Lyndon Johnson?" Caro quotes Clark as saying that Johnson always wanted contributions given outside the office. In 1939 Lyndon B. Johnson approached the dean and asked him to recommend a student to work for him in Congress. His relationship with Lyndon was a long, fond and dear one. Occupation: clerk, married. Jenkins "communicated this information to Mr. Reynolds," and presumably was pleased to hear "that Mr. Reynolds wished very much to sell the policies and would also like to purchase advertising time in the event he sold them." Jenkins studied Reynolds' "offer to meet the competition," and "it was decided to accept the Reynolds offer.". Throughout these hearings, the Republican members of the repeatedly tried to have Walter Jenkins called as a witness. Reynolds had paperwork for this transaction including a delivery note that indicated the stereo had been sent to the home of Johnson. He also discovered that Jenkins had been arrested on a similar charge in 1959. We had a lot of people who would go get it, and deliver it. Jenkins was also responsible for collecting advertising money for the KTBC. Johnson made threats against Carl Curtis, John Williams and Hugh Scott, who were all calling for Johnson to be fully investigated for corruption. This local agent, it turned out, was Huff Baines, a cousin of Lyndon Johnson's. This was a radio and television station in Austin, that was officially owned by Lady Bird Johnson. He also dealt with members of the Suite 8F Group such as George Brown and Herman Brown (Brown & Root), Jesse H. Jones (Reconstruction Finance Corporation), Gus Wortham (American General Insurance Company) and James Abercrombie (Cameron Iron Works).

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