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historical relative humidity data

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Atlantic, Alaskan (M morning 8 a.m.) (Afternoon 2 p.m.), Eastern, Bering, 165°W Meridian (M morning 7 a.m.) (Afternoon 1 p.m.), Central, 180°E Meridian (M morning 6 a.m.) (Afternoon NOON), Mountain, 165°E Meridian (M morning 5 a.m.) (Afternoon 5 p.m.), Pacific, 150°E Meridian (M morning 4 a.m.) (Afternoon 4 p.m.), 135°E Meridian (M morning 9 a.m.) (Afternoon 3 p.m.). Relative Humidity - Annual Means National Environment Agency / 28 Jan 2020 The annual average values for the daily mean relative humidity, daily maximum relative humidity and daily minimum relative humidity recorded at the Changi Climate Station. basic variables, it is sometimes possible to obtain other weather The extremes from “All Stations” are based on the records from all our available stations, including the  reference climate station, and have varying periods of climate records. stations. Lowest Daily Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 1929-1941, 1948-1952 and since 1984 for Climate Station: 72. Weather. available from the PMEL El Niño theme page. available. The ASCII formatted files are useful for importing into existing databases or spreadsheet programs for analysis. Prediction Center (WPC). research. We also have links to PSL maintains an ENSO web page including background, current conditions, forecasts, related links, and more. Non-web sources include local universities, libraries, airports, newspapers, TV and radio 2. Newton 19 Dec 2014, Choa Chu Kang (South) Jan 2016 Location. :-) Gale Research, Michigan, 1980. Please read the readme.txt file included in this directory for further information regarding file naming conventions and layout. Sentosa Island 8 Feb 2020, Semakau Island 5 Apr 2012 © 2007 Southeast Regional Climate Center Tools, NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), National Centers for Environmental Information, The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), U.S. A simple ajax (JSONP) request to the data API using jQuery. Several: 93. If an instrument's exposure was changed, mathematical adjustments are made to make the data representative of the current location. Fax: 919-962-1537. – Relative humidity (%) – Rainfall (mm/day) – Mean visibility (km) – Wind speed (km/h) – Occurrence of: rain, snow, thunderstorm, fog. Jurong Island 2 Sep 2014: Highest Monthly Mean Relative Humidity (%) 1929-1941 and since 1948 for Climate Station: 91. Lowest Daily Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 1929-1941, 1948-1952 and since 1984 for Climate Station: 72. PRISM Maps: Precipitation Maps for the Southeast U.S. cli-MATE: MRCC's Application Tools Environment, SERCC Publications, Presentations & Posters, Convergence: Climate-Health-Vulnerabilities, SERCC Quarterly Climate Impacts & Outlook, Subscribe to Monthly/Quarterly Climate Reports. Some specific books Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Lowest Daily Maximum Relative Humidity (%), Highest Monthly Mean Relative Humidity (%), Lowest Monthly Mean Relative Humidity (%), Highest Daily Minimum Relative Humidity (%), Lowest Daily Minimum Relative Humidity (%). The relative humidity is expressed as a percentage measure of the amount of moisture in … Monthly Data Here you can find monthly data … NOAA's CPC) including forecasts of temperature, precipitation and other variables for time Note: Some stations provide very complete daily data for fifty years. Here, the Local Standard Time (LST) of morning(M morning 7 A.M.)  and afternoon(A afternoon 1 P.M.) humidity values are shown below and data updated through 2015 can be found here: http://www.sercc.com/climateinfo_files/historical/comparative_climate_da... Alabama | Florida | Georgia | North CarolinaSouth Carolina | Virginia | Puerto Rico, SUBSCRIBE SOCIAL MEDIA HUB The information presented is combined from multiple Environment and Climate Change Canada data sources and all effort is made to be accurate. Climate of the States. weather/climate sites. The tables of observed data omit stations that have less than three years of data for the current operating site. Saskatoon Historical Relative Humidity. Average humidity values are given for selected morning and afternoon observations. Boon Lay (East) Oct 2010 Please see the "about" page for links to the official Environment and Climate Change Canada data. Our stations at Jurong (East), Tanjong Pagar, Boon Lay (East), Kampong Bahru and Serangoon North have closed down since 26 Sep 2014, 12 Nov 2015, 18 Jan 2016, 1 Nov 2016 and 7 Apr 2017 respectively. And they can be Other stations provide only incomplete data. information for specific locations in the U.S. Meteorology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment. Boulder, CO 80305-3328, Profiler Network Data & Image This weather Copy the following html into your webpage to embed this view. Dates. Tel: 919-843-9721

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