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The increase is linear in progression, with an estimated 50% increase (measured by standard medical protocols, +/-5%) every 6 hours. He fell down to the groud with a large thump, SCP-1639 followed. Someone would surely shut down the clinics if that was the case! Dust, dead leaves and scraps of metal were strewn across the floor, and one of the walls had buckled in on itself. There were too many options. Some stuck together in throngs, grinding together like a single cohesive organism, while others separated out into grids or circles, where everyone repeated their one or two favorite dance moves until the song changed. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to drink both myself,” the man shot her a smile. They where heading for SCP-1639. The exact number of kidnappings is currently unknown, as universities who failed to protect their students would actively suppress any reports of abduction to maintain good optics. Frank's throat, she realised, and her stomach dropped. Elle nodded, and let her gaze wander around the room some more. The footsteps behind her were louder, closer. While safe sex was often promoted, most methods are not 100% effective. She just stood up, left the bench, and got back in her rental car. Her lungs burned. Before she could lean on Jonathan, and Jonathan could lean on her. In fact, most preachers who conduct weddings omit “until death do us part” from the list of vows. All feeling had vanished, her skin no longer stinging, although the blood still pounded in her ankle. I read SCP-3001's logs and all but I still need a proper explanation to that ending. It’s funny, after all these years she would’ve thought that colleges would’ve changed more. SCP - Containment Breach Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Couldn't breathe. He though about all the death he had seen in the foundation. She rubbed her eyes. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. But facades so haphazardly constructed were bound to fail from time to time. Spacetime. Its flesh was withered and decomposing, with missing toes and misshapen feet. Some of my best moments in the Foundation was with SCP-1639. She just had to keep moving, and she would find it. Except, this time, the phone rang. He fell down to the ground and a gurgling sound started to come from his move. Elle picked it up, out of instinct more than anything. He had done so much and regretted so much in his life. She opened the closet, and the corpses fell out on to her. “Kind of tired,” Elle replied. r/SCP: Secure, Contain, Protect | The official subreddit for the SCP Wiki. The old man took a step towards her. It gave a sense of belonging, of togetherness. This wasn't some old hospital or school. It was the sound of something breaking. share. SCP-1639 was a sort of beam of light in the darkness back at Site-40. Security personnel are to report t-" The man was cut off by static. Due to the takeover of cybernetic enhancements in favor of the old transplants during the late 2120s, it has been difficult to differentiate between symptoms of clinical depression, and the restrictions caused by living within these new mechanical bodies. When Dr Snail pulled some strings and got Whiskey into the staff room that containted SCP-1639. “No. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. It was a near perfect recreation of those happy days they enjoyed fifty years ago. He quickly grabbed the radio and was about to run down the stairs until his heart sinked. The researcher pulled herself down from her lab stool, that familiar stiffness in her hips an unwelcome reminder of the hours and years she had been in the lab. The second option was considered much more likely, since governments around the world were petitioned to regulate pregnancies and births. I saw it step out of a wall!". A distended gut protruded obscenely from beneath a narrow chest, arms spread wide in a mockery of greeting. “Good. We couldn't wear are normal Foundation uniform like we wanted incase of making the town suspicious or a group of intrest such as The Chaos Insurgency being able to light the place up. "I'm going to FUCKING KILL YOU" He shouted, running at his mentor. It looked empty. She had taken four steps across the lab when the lamp behind her blinked out. When the intruder was almost over the bar, Woods put down all his hands. His life flashed before his eyes. This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 16:08. Location . In fact, most preachers who conduct weddings omit “until death do us part” from the list of vows. I saw Dr Hudson sprinting down the hallway. Physiology remains unchanged, and as such, can rarely support the increase in activity. Concept. The familiarity of the place snatched at her thoughts, but she tried to ignore them. Her brain caught up: it was a human kidney, complete with ureter and a tangle of blood vessels. She forced herself forward, gasping at the pain in her foot. “I mean, aren’t you more than a century old? “Sorry I’m late!” he said after Elle rolled down the window. Something foreign. View wiki source for this page without editing. He shouted, pointing to the elevator. Mass spectroscopy and chemical tests have shown higher than usual concentrations of caffeine and sugars (both natural and artificial), along with [REDACTED]. Locked area of locker, featuring 12 addional SCP-207 instances. Mental proficiencies show the IQ of the subject to rise in line with other increases. It hung over the checkpoint. "Not until I know what to report. It was this condo on the sixth floor of a newly built complex, complete with glass walls and one of those elevators with the touch screens inside. It took a fragile combination of ignorance, self-manipulation, and denial to feel comfortable in one's own skin. https://scpunity.gamepedia.com/SCP-207?oldid=2534, Additional visual effects will be added to. The glistening corpse sank into the floor, swallowed by the slime it had generated. I think? That’s what brought her back to the phone. If he asked if something was “going on”, the answer would’ve been yes. SCP-510 in progression of "Stage 2" on subject. Upon right clicking SCP-207 within the player's inventory and selecting use, the player will drink the liquid within it. "Go go go go go go!" This was impossible. We had told them that he died falling of scaffolding while improving a wall outside of the facilty. Her voice was hushed, her throat felt raw. The researcher let out a breath. There was no response. I found it strange how Dr Spunky trusted a Junior Researcher with it. I saw The Spy That Loved Me during its opening weekend.”. Prometheus Labs, the primary purveyor of cadavers used in their patented brain transplant surgical procedure, noted the danger in letting the world’s population go unregulated. Shattering even. Condoms break, and pills fail. Her first step inside sank shin-deep into the frothing muck that used to be the floor. Klaxons blared, and the emergency light flashed. After all it helped destroy Site-40. 10 comments. The reason for this lower boundary existing has not been found, although it is hypothesised by Dr. C█████ that [REDACTED]. It wasn't until she breathed in the smell - faint but thick with rot - that she started from her work, turned, and noticed the sound. I— I don’t know if I can do that to another thing.”, "Well, you caught it early, right? I was a big James Bond fan when I was a kid.”, “Yeah. She tried to move faster. Making that sort of choice for someone else is a choice that’s worth thinking through. The grinning cadaver kept coming. Five years, eleven months, twenty-one days. She had to run. She didn’t bring the pictures then, so maybe she just couldn’t tell. I walked through the grey corridors, occasionally passing past security personnel and saying my greetings. “Elle. He took his eyes of the computer monitor and started to drink his coffee. Governments did not set their foot down due to lobbying from Pro-Life activist groups, but companies did. A deep hole where his eye had been, and his neck was torn open, black jelly dripping from the flesh. Check out how this page has evolved in the past. And so she didn't hear the noise, not when it started. Dr Woods sat in his chair, biting the end of his pen. There are 14 instances in-game, however only 2 of these are accessible to the player. SCP: Unity Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. But even in relationships like these, people panic. save hide report. She spent the night with about one out of every five guys she talked to. SCP-207 was originally located in Archival Storage SL1-A in some weekly patron exclusive builds before it … It takes centuries to produce any visible decay. Special Containment Procedures. The number of people graduating with a bachelor’s degree per year dropped by 43%, and the number of doctorates awarded dropped by 68%. It looked like an old man, decrepit and rotten. This action does not consume SCP-207. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Behind her, the sounds of sinewly limbs pulling themselves clear of the corroded wall. Jonathan opened his mouth to speak, but caught himself. She was gripping his sleeves. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this past, like, twenty-five years, it’s that things get a lot easier when I stop caring so much about myself, and the things I can’t control.”, “It’s quite liberating really. SCP-207 refers to a crate containing 24 Coca-Cola brand cola drinks. A voice in the speaker made there blood run cold. Stay here or go there? See pages that link to and include this page. Scp 106 is creepy mainly for his tales like [[Treats]] [[Until Death]] [[The Young man]] Scp 4311 may be the most sinister thing on the site, even more so than the montauk procedures [[Teeth, Dearie]] was also hella disturbing. The bottles are designated SCP-207-A to -X. SCP-207-B is currently the active bottle for testing, and no other bottles are to be opened without authorisation from two Level 4 researchers. A black smear had spread across it, the paint and plaster bubbling and flaking in a slow roil. I though Dr Hudson was doing a test of SCP-097. She couldn't think about why that was. They don't let you have the abortion if they think the immortality is going to effect it. She didn’t notice Tracy sit down on the couch and swing her arm over Elle’s shoulder. She accepted. Hudson stood there like a statue. He has less patience now and blocks himself from the world. It is difficult to advertise “Youth for You” if there is no supply of youth to sell. Keep going forward. And a sixty-three-year-old researcher, hunched over a bench full of notes and textbooks, a single desk lamp bright against the lab's enveloping darkness. He was about to tackle him until his life was ended by a bullet hitting his throat. It was twisted, corrupted, but this was Site-120. The liquid has been classified as SCP-207-1, and is to be treated as a Class 2 chemical hazard. Something entertaining. But there was an obvious disconnect between certain groups of dancers.

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