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what breed is my cat

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I think I have a Bombay, but I read here that Bombays will have absolutely no white patches. There are times a purebred cat has no papers; this may be because they came from an unregistered breeder or they have been lost when the cat has been rehomed. While this seems like it would be a simple question to answer, many cat owners are unsure as to whether their cat is long-haired or short-haired. My boy looks EXACTLY like typical Bombays save a small white patch on the chest and one in front of the hind legs underneath. I recently adopted two Tonkinese cats from the RSPCA. Hi everyone just wondering if you could help identify if my cat is bengal or tabby? Once again - the place to post pictures of your cat and ask for advice about which breed they look like is here -. I have a new cat, 8 months old but I don't know what breed he is (Also his name is Lasagna. Siamese cats are very popular cat breed today. There have also been situations in which cat breeders go through personal trauma (such as a death in the family), have to shut down their business, and give their cats to a shelter. I have fallen in love with this cat. if its a boy well there goes tortie label:). Both are names for coat colours/patterns; they are not breeds. However, it can happen, and all that’s left in that case is to try and say which breed the cat most resembles – it will never regain its pedigreed status, unless clearly identified (for example, using its microchip to trace the breeder). KIMMY has thick and silky fur, and smokey color. That does not mean it doesn’t exist among non-pedigreed domestic cats. Generally, cats with round faces may be Persian or Himalayan, especially when they have big eyes as well. Maybe someone could help me figure out a dominant breed? I am no expert but thought I would share what my daughter is doing with her cat. If you have found a cat and want to know about the breed she is then always follows the basic steps like: It does not matter what cat breed you have, what matters is how happy you and your feline friend is by accompanying each other. It is now possible to have a DNA test performed by the UC Davies to determine his lineage. Regardless of whether or not you care about the breed of your newly found friend, it’s important to take him or her to the vet to check for and treat the many health issues that cats can encounter when they are living outdoors. So when she needs to go to the litter box my daughter or her boyfriend hold her steady while she does her business! Looked at all the sites but still have a bit of trouble. What breed is my cat? With so many colours including black, white, grey, red, tortie, lilac, caramel, fawn…and that’s barely scratching the surface. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you think your cat has the looks and temperament, give it a go! There are 63 recognized breeds today and to know which breed is your cat can be tricky. Male and female kittens’ patterns and colors are inherited differently. “How do I find out what breed my cat is?”. Modern Siamese also have uniquely svelte bodies and an elongated head. Non-papered purebred or part-purebred cats aren’t as common as people think. The purebred cats and kittens are often taken to shelters. As the gene is recessive, the offspring must receive a copy from both the mother and father for the pointed pattern to occur, the parents may not be pointed cats themselves, but both carry the gene. Different breeds. The owners surrendered them due to a chance in the circumstances. What is she, My friend gave me a cat she said is a cross between a domestic cat and a manx cat but she gave me no papers so is my cat breed or not she has no tail, here is a picture of my cat I just wanna know what breed he is any ideas on which breed he is.

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