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With the kid saved, Leo has finally won over the towns favor. [18], Leo gets along well with Dionisia, referring to her as his Nana, though he fails to understands her jokes, which often leave him in a confused state. Leo bears a strong resembleace to Aladdin from Disney's 1992 Animated film with the same name. The three agree to stick by Leo no matter what. — Alebrije"La Leyenda de la Nahuala". He begs for help and Leo finally notices the danger his boy is in. He was good friends with Friar Godofredo and felt bad over nearly killing Brother Sinfonolo. Leo wore a creamy white shirt with a red vest and olive green-brownish pants. Thanks to the quick thinking of Kika, the two would trick La Llorona and find a safe location. [18], Leo was a very excitable child. Legend Quest is an adventure series of global proportions. However, one of the rebels nearly knocks Leo off of the cliff they're walking by, he's quickly saved by the soldiers. In his earlier adventure to Xochimilco, Leo came equipped with Father Tellas' Journal. Leo laziness and follish moments could being similar to Stupid Mario from SMG4. The cameo does appear to have some supernatural properties to it, as it fell right in the exact spot he needed it too.[20]. La Nahuala La Llorona (formerly) El Charro Negro Mictlān Rousseau Chupacabras (formerly) Pujo and Tiro Eerily, the find the Horroroso to be moving away, as if they were planning something big. At this point, Leo completely gives up and attempts to sacrifice himself so his friends can be safe. First of all, they are the main characters from their Movies, Series and Videogames, both has a fearful brother, both are heroically characters, both rescue girls from monsters, and uses power ups. This seems to add up with the stressful thoughts Leo was experiencing only days prior. 1579 Ave Ponce De Leon 4 Piso Sj Sif Bldg San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926. While they enter the wrong house, they quickly manage enter the right house. Leo, like everyone else, initially thought the worst of Phineas Blackpulp. Changing the subject, Godofredo shows Leo the blueprints of his balloon that will allow them to fly with the birds themselves. After a brief introduction, Leo then ask how he knew all of this, as to which he just replies that he'll tell him later, and that theirs to little time for now. While Leo is headstrong, brave and determined, he has shown poor leadership skills throughout his battle against Quetzalcatl, albeit largely in the first days of it. Rosa ask Leo if he would want some coco, he ask for a double and the two embrace. In New Super San Juan Bros 3, he obtained the golden flowers which makes him obtain golden coins. At first, they believed Leo to be a spy, but after Leo was arrested along with the rest of them, they found a new level of respect for the boy for his bravery. Te lady is, however, rather hostile towards Leo for offering help, as the last person to offer help was none other then Don Andrés. This would cultivate into Leo's biggest adventure yet, a quest across the entire world—and other worlds—in order to save his loved ones and the entire human population from Quetzalcoatl; the destroyer. https://www.history.com/topics/exploration/juan-ponce-de-leon. Despite the chaos the sudden stop caused, it does allow Team Legend to get back on there feet. Leo is obviously confused by all of this. His eyes are less buggy and beady and his hair is more refined. Legend Quest Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. However, after Blackpulp protected Marcella from the Bactus Queen, Leo started to respect him. Dionisia goes to check on Nando, jokingly saying that she's going to eat him for supper instead.

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